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Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM) Doubles Profits and Revenue

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM) reported strong third-quarter earnings fueled by rapid consumer growth during the lead-up to the holiday season. This was strongly supported by growth in sales to non-business customers. Net income surged to $370.5 million or 65 cents a share, from $175.2 million, or 31 cents a share, in the year-earlier quarter. Revenue has doubled to $1.67 billion. The results allayed fears of slowing demand from its financial services customers in wake of the credit-market meltdown.

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The company’s stock climbed 11.8% in after-hours trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market, to $119.63.

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In its most-recent quarter ended Dec. 1, the company added 1.65 million subscriber accounts, up from 1.45 million in its second quarter. As of Dec. 1, RIM had roughly 12 million subscriber accounts, of which 34% are consumers and small-business users, up from about 30% in the prior quarter. The volume of wireless carriers’ holiday promotions featuring the BlackBerry had exceeded the company’s expectations and helped to lift sales.RIM’s consumer push is steaming ahead thanks to the uptake of new devices with more multimedia capabilities. The quarter included the introduction of an updated version of RIM’s BlackBerry Pearl by Sprint Nextel Corp. and Verizon Wireless, a device for which there was pent-up demand. Internationally, RIM saw strong growth in Latin America.

Another spurt in growth could come in a few months as a result of a dramatic new design — a touch-screen BlackBerry. A touch-screen BlackBerry could help RIM compete with Apple Inc.’s popular iPhone, which sells more to consumers than businesses.

Despite heavy competition from handset makers, RIM continues to widen its share of its market. In the third quarter of 2007, RIM held 39% of the market for U.S. smartphone and cellular PDA shipments, up from 35.6% during the third quarter of 2006, according to Gartner Inc. World-wide, the company’s share of smart phone and PDA shipments increased from 7% to 10% during the period.

Wireless instruments are a heavily competed industry. The strong competitors are Palm ( PALM), Motorola (MOT), Nokia (NOK) and Apple (AAPL). The competition has been showing mixed growth signals with Palm showing a dip in share price while Apple doing well with its new iPhone. Motorola and Nokia also have been showing a strong growth in its sales.

Stock Analysis In recent weeks, RIM stock — which trebled since the start of the year to a closing high of $133 last month — had fallen amid macroeconomic jitters and worries that a slowdown in technology spending at large corporations could hurt RIM’s business. But RIM’s results and positive outlook have brushed aside those concerns for now.

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RIMM 117.36 (-1.58) RULAF 08 JAN 116.6 (23) 6.25 5.3 5 5
RIMM 117.36 (-1.58) RULBD 08 FEB 120.0 (51) 8.35 7.1 7.7 10.1
RIMM 117.36 (-1.58) RULBU 08 FEB 115.0 (51) 10.75 9.2 7.9 7.9
AAPL 198.57 (-0.38) APVAS 08 JAN 195.0 (23) 11.8 5.9 4.4 4.4
AAPL 198.57 (-0.38) APVAT 08 JAN 200.0 (23) 9.3 4.7 4.9 5.7
AAPL 198.57 (-0.38) APVBS 08 FEB 195.0 (51) 17.7 8.9 7.8 7.8
AAPL 198.57 (-0.38) APVBT 08 FEB 200.0 (51) 15.2 7.7 8.3 9.1
MOT 16.34 (-0.22) MOTBR 08 FEB 17.0 (51) 0.48 2.9 3 7.2
MOT 16.34 (-0.22) MOTBQ 08 FEB 16.0 (51) 0.96 5.9 4 4
NOK 38.70 (-0.12) NAYBG 08 FEB 35.0 (51) 4.6 11.9 2.6 2.6
NOK 38.70 (-0.12) NAYBH 08 FEB 40.0 (51) 1.65 4.3 4.5 8
PALM 6.56 (-0.05) UPYAU 08 JAN 7.5 (23) 0.15 2.3 2.3 17
PALM 6.56 (-0.05) UPYBA 08 FEB 5.0 (51) 1.7 25.9 2.9 2.9
PALM 6.56 (-0.05) UPYBU 08 FEB 7.5 (51) 0.35 5.3 5.6 20.8
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