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‘Signature Tools’ Tab Added to PowerOptions Navigation

PowerOptions has added many great tools for options traders over the years. Not all of them perfectly fit into the “strategy” navigation theme that we use. As a result, some of the best tools we offer have been obscured from obvious use. Our latest update to the site has been to gather up all of these tools and put them in one place for easy access. – The SIGNATURE TOOLS tab…

What might you find there?

  • Search Summary Tool: Quickly see option position opportunities in multiple option strategies
  • Spread Chain Tool: Evaluate vertical option spreads with mid-point pricing
  • Long Option Finder Tool: Find the best long option play based on your expectation for movement and timing
  • Quick Find Tool: Quickly see covered call premium in the market right now for your stock
  • Stock Repair Tool: Evaluate spread opportunities to lower the break-even on a sunken stock or leverage its recovery process
  • Stock Insurance Tool: Lock in profits on your winning stock
  • Strike of Pain: Examine which strike price your stock may gravitate toward at expiration

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