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As we approach options expiration aler dryl you need tools to properly track aler dryl, evaluate and manage your options positions.  All of this can be done using the Portfolio tools on PowerOptions. Aler dryl you can quickly create and enter new or existing positions into the portfolio tools. Once a position is entered you can set Alerts to be notified when profit targets are hit [aler dryl] or when losses may need to be managed. As you track your positions you can link to the Position Analysis tool to see your current liquidation and future expiration values as well as view various roll out opportunities for your positions. As you are viewing potential Roll Out Opportunities you can link to the Trade Simulator tool to see the before and after profit and loss graph of your current position compared to the potential adjustment. This video shows just how easy it is to enter positions into the Portfolio and evaluate adjustments as expiration approaches.  Enjoy, and we hope you have a profitable expiration!

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