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In Part II of this webinar series Michael Chupka, Director of Education, reviews some of the basics from Part I - using the Search Tool and [buy astelin in canada] then answers attendees specific questions on using the Search Tool. (click below to view video) During this Open Discussion - Q&A session, we begin by reviewing some of the basic concepts from Part I:

  1. What 3 criteria are used to enforce the 3 Core Principles of RadioActive buy astelin in canada Trading
  2. Setting up the criteria for certain searches such as Dividend Stocks and ETFs for RPMs
  3. General functionality of the Search Tool
This 15 minute review is followed by specific questions posed by attendees regarding the various criteria and techniques. Buy astelin in canada the questions and answers include, but are not limited to:
  1. measures of certain criteria
  2. implied volatility (iv), implied volatility vs. Historical Volatility (IV/HV) and % Implied Volatility Range
  3. Using the Bollinger Band Criteria for RPMs
  4. Use of the % Probability Above
  5. How to narrow Search Results
  6. Evaluating multiple strike prices on the same stock
Other concepts that are discussed during the presentation:
  1. A teaser for Part III - Analyzing the Search results
  2. Evaluating Call Premium when opening an RPM
  3. Comparison of using an ITM Long Strangle (Buy a Long term ITM Call in lieu of stock + ITM Long Put) versus the RadioActive Profit Machine setup.
Part III of this ongoing series, Researching and Analyzing the Search Results, will be held on Tuesday buy astelin in canada, February 8th at 9 PM Eastern Time. You can register for that webinar here: . [tags] Dividend Stocks, ETFs, Implied Volatility, Historical Volatility, Implied Volatility Range, Bollinger Band, Long Strangle, Long Put [/tags]

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