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First, Mr. Chupka indulges himself by using the Naked Put Search to identify just those securities that offer Weekly options, to see if any new securities were released on Thursday, January 6th buy daily best dogs online, 2011. After the initial Search was completed, those results were further screened using various parameters in the patented Search tool. Buy daily best dogs online (click on the image below to view the video) mr. Chupka [buy daily best dogs online] then answers questions from the attendees regarding:

  1. How could one of the attendees best insure a large stock and long call holding approaching an earnings announcement (focus on using the Insurance Tool in the Married Put and Collar strategy tab)?
  2. When might an investor look to exit an RPM (RadioActive Profit Machine) following the techniques discussed in The Blueprint, written by Kurt Frankenberg?
  3. This led to a discussion on one of the core principles of RadioActive Trading - the REDline (RadioActive Decay Line).
  4. Follow up to question #1 - How an buy daily best dogs online investor can use the Insurance tool to evaluate Collars in addition to Married Put positions on a stock?
  5. This led to a follow up discussion on Conversion trades, how to use the defualt search in the Collar strategy to identify Conversion opportunities, and Mr. Chupka's thoughts on why trading Covnersion strategies do not really make sense for retail investors. (click on the image above to view the video) [tags] Naked Put, securities, long call, earnings announcement, Collars, Married Put, Conversion, retail investors [/tags]

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