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The Congressional wrangling is over, the final House of Representatives and Senate votes tallied, the President's signature affixed: $789 The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is now law. Among the major earmarks this broad economic stimulus package designed to revitalize flagging industries, the so-called "shovel ready" ones are well represented. $27 billion has been set-aside for highway construction alone, no doubt to the relief of Caterpillar () the financially struggling manufacturer of earthmoving, construction and material-handling machinery.

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Road-building equipment-maker Terex's () should also benefit, as will Vulcan Materials (), a major supplier of crushed stone, sand and gravel, steel manufacturers Nucor () and U. S. Steel () and the public-works construction-contractor Granite Construction Inc. (). Three general construction firms - Flour () Perini () and Jacobs Engineering () - will find new contacts possibilities in this and other provisions of the measure: the $5 billion Public Housing Capital Fund and $5. 5 billion in competitive grants to state and local governments to be invested in highway, transit, rail, and port infrastructure
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Then there's the $2 billion the Army Corps of Engineers will spend on rehabilitating inland waterways, flood control projects and an overhaul of it hydropower plants. The Corp is also authorized to spend an additional $1. 9 billion on harbor and waterway dredging operations Pollution control manufacturers and installers like companies like Donaldson Company, Inc. (), meanwhile, can bid on the $6 billion budgeted to improve local clean and drinking water infrastructure improvements and the $1. 2 billion the Environmental Protection Agency has approval to spend on environmental cleanup programs. $200 million for loans and grants for "Biorefinery Assistance" has also been earmarked energy-from-waste converters like Covanta Holding Corp () can draw upon.
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To jump-start the greening of America, $8. 5 billion in loan guarantees for wind and solar power start-ups are in the Act. Another $2. 5 billion will be spent on installing green technology in federal buildings companies like First Solar Inc. () can earn revenue from in the near-term. Refurbishing the nation's existing electricity grid and building out a smart' will receive $4. 5 billion in new funding, enough to provide ample new work for companies like EMCOR Group, Inc. , (), MasTec, Inc () and Pike Electric Corporation, () that specialize in the installation, upgrade and maintenance of power transmission and distribution systems.
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High-tech firms also were thrown a lifeline in the form a $3 billion initiative to computerize medical records, in effect creating an instant market for application-developers, be they large players like General Electric () and much smaller, privately held ones like NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Greenway Medical Technologies, Spring Medical Systems, and Agil IT.
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Network hardware suppliers can also take heart: some $7 billion goes to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's program to extend the nation's broadband telecommunications infrastructure to underserved localities, many of them rural. Which companies stand to benefit? Fiber optic and component- maker Corning () will as will networking solutions-maker Cisco Systems () infrastructure-provider Juniper Networks, Inc. () and network infrastructure company Tellabs ().
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