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As you may have heard buy discount vantin, Weekly Options have been released for several common stocks as we have previously discussed. Some new stocks have been added, and some other changes have been made. On June 25th, 2010, Weekly Options were made available for 4 common stocks: Apple (), Bank of America (), British Petroleum () and Citigroup (). On July 16th, Weekly Options were made available on four more stocks: Amazon (), Ford Motor buy discount vantin Co. (), Google () and Microsoft (). On July 23rd, Weekly Options were available on 5 new stocks: Barrick Gold (), Baidu (), Goldman Sachs (), Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan () and Exxon Mobil ().

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Why were Weekly Options made available on 5 new stocks in this cycle rather than 4? It appears that Microsoft () no longer has Weekly Options available. After the first set of Weekly Options expired for MSFT, on July 23rd, a new Weekly series was not released. We are unsure if Weekly Options will be available at a later date for MSFT. . . but we will keep tracking that for you.
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If you wanted to know more about Weekly Options, watch our recently archived presentation: . Click the 'Options Strategies Archive' and then select the Weekly Options presentation. Michael Chupka, Director Of Options Education, reviews the history of Weekly Options, the rights and obligations of Weekly Options and discusses suggested strategies for implementing the Weekly Options using the patented suite of Tools.
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You can also view the archived presentation on YouTube . Buy discount vantin for more information on weekly options, please visit cboe. com . Quarterly Options Update: Quarterly Options have been available for some time on broad based ETFs such as the S&P 500 ETF (), Nasdaq 100 ETF () and the DIAMONDS (). In April, 2010, Quarterly Options were recently made available for the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). Quarterly Options have the same rights and obligations as standard options. The only difference is that the Quarterly Options expire on the last trading day of the quarterly month. The cycles are: March, June, September, December.
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For more information on Quarterly Options, visit the CBOE website . [tags] AAPL, Apple Computer Inc. , ABX, [buy discount vantin] Barrick Gold Corp. , AMZN, Amazon. com Inc. , BAC, BankAmerica Corp. , BIDU, Baidu. com Inc. , BP, British Petroleum Co. , C, Citigroup Inc. , DIA, DIAMONDS HOLDRs Trust ETF, F, Ford Motor Co. , GOOG, Google Inc. , GS, Goldman Sachs Group, MSFT, Microsoft Corp. , POT, Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. , QQQQ, PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF, SPY, S&P Depositary Receipts Trust ETF, XOM, Exxon Mobil Corp. [/tags]

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