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Wednesday, Abercrombie & Fitch Co. () announced its third-quarter profit earnings were up 43%. A chief source of growth was its teen chain, Hollister Co. , jumping 8% in same-store sales. For the year, Abercrombie expects its EPS to be around $6. 60 - up from $3. 88 last year. The company operates 851 stores in the United States and Canada. The supply sources of Abercrombie's clothing line are primarily located in Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. The sage Jim Cramer had this to say about Abercrombie on Wednesday, "I'm not going back into that cauldron. . . I am a seller of Abercrombie. " He noted when the stock was at 50, it was a good buy; at $72, Mr. Cramer is more tepid on Abercrombie. Is it a good buy? The current P/E is 17 and the forward P/E is 15. 60. And, despite Mr. Cramer's lightning round rejection of the stock, it shot up nearly 1% on Thursday. And it's a retailer with high third-quarter earnings and it's going into the Christmas season. Discount cystone abercrombie's stock appears to provide opportunities for bullish returns, but maybe we want to enter a position with some downside protection. Now the only question is "what can PowerOptions' powerful option analysis tools do to make us some money and give us some downside protection?" We know the discount cystone stock symbol () and know we are interested in [discount cystone] looking for bullish December positions, so we can use Option Chain search tool. We will consider a covered call strategy.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (ANF) $ 71. 09 -DECEMBER Expiring 12/16/2006 26 days left
Strike Call Sym Opt Bid %Dnsd Prot %If Unch %If Asgnd
70 ANFLN 3. 00 4. 20% 2. 80% 2. 80%
72. 5 ANFLV 1. 85 2. 60% 2. 70% 4. 70%
The capital requirement for each of these trades is around $7, 000 per contract. The first trade with the $70 strike price is attractive as it provides a nice potential return of 2. 8% in only 26 days and also provides downside protection of 4. 2%. The second position is out-of-the-money [OTM], provides a nice potential return of 4. 7% in 26 days with downside protection of 2. 6%, but requires the price of the stock to increase in order to experience the maximum potential return. Join today, and you too can start reaping the benefits of the and investment strategies. provides Internet based tools for analyzing with specific search criteria and for finding potentially lucrative . For those seeking to execute a or a for their personal portfolios, provides an Internet based search engine for finding potentially lucrative income producing s positions. PowerOptions' sister company provides expert recommendations. specializes in , and strategy recommendations. provides a of its service. [tags]Jim Cramer, ANF, Abercrombie & Fitch Co. , bull call debit spreads, covered call investment strategy, covered call options discount cystone, investment strategy, iron condor, option income, poweroptions, selling naked puts, stock option trading, stock options[/tags]

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