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Historically, Japanese consumers have preferred to pay for purchases using cash, believing that going to into debt was to be avoided at all cost. This has long frustrated credit card companies and banks wishing to enter the Japanese consumer debt market. Americans may not be exporting much else, but American-style consumerism seems to be taking root in Japan. Japanese credit card spending has traditionally been one-third the United States' rate. However, this year Japanese credit card spending is up 14%. This growth rate has been accelerating consistently since 2004. Both the higher crime rate (making carrying cash more of a risk) and the rise in online shopping have contributed to Japanese consumers preference of credit cards. One Japanese bank, Mitsubishi UFJ (), is looking for new areas of growth, and is marketing ATM cards/credit cards that also can be used as prepaid credit cards. Because credit cards are relatively new to the Japanese consumer market find cheap antabuse online, many pay their credit card off in full at the end of every month. Also, the repayment structure is a little different in Japan. In America, a consumer can borrow up to a pre-determined limit and pay it back when they choose as long as they make monthly minimum payments. Unlike [find cheap antabuse online] the United States, Japanese credit card customers are required to pay a portion of their credit card debt each month through automatic payments from their bank account. Credit card companies earn a significant amount of revenue from customers who do not pay off their credit cards in full each find cheap antabuse online month. Therefore, until the Japanese have fully embraced the American model of consumerism, per consumer profits will not be as great as those achieved in the United States. Despite revolving credit having not yet been as widely accepted by the Japanese, it is somewhat reasonable to expect Japanese credit card usage will continue on its current growth trajectory. Based on this analysis, Japanese credit card companies appear bullish and a for MTU may be appropriate. Using website to search for covered calls on MTU returns the following position:

OPTION Expiration/Strike Opt. Bid %Dnsd. Prot %If Unch. %If Asgnd
MTULV 06 DEC 12. Find cheap antabuse online 50 $0. 40 3. 20% 3. 30% 3. 30%
This is a textbook position, allowing for reasonable downside protection (3. 2%) as well as realistic potential profits (3. 3%) in only 40 days. You can learn more about and strategies on the website. offers web-based software that will generate trading ideas like the one presented in this article. provides Internet based tools for analyzing with specific search criteria and for finding potentially lucrative . If you are seeking to execute a for your personal portfolio, provides an Internet based search that can help you identify covered call option positions. PowerOptions' sister company provides expert recommendations. specializes in covered call, naked put and strategy recommendations. provides a of its service. [tags] MTU, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Inc. , covered call investing, covered call investment strategy, covered call options, investment strategy, iron condor, option income, poweroptions , stock option trading, stock options [/tags]

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