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Competition is good. It drives innovation and rewards superior effort. In the current tough economy however, lack of competition is better. Best Buy () find florinef no rx required, the electronics retailer, has skills honed by competition, and now it also has the advantage of watching its strongest competitor go out of business. Circuit City, a lagging specialty retailer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November of 2008. The poor retail environment had decimated its sales, but it hoped to stay open and regroup. Inventory build-up probably doomed the company, as margins narrowed and consumers refused to buy. The retailer's effort to stay afloat proved unsuccessful, and now it is liquidating its assets. On January 16th of this year, it announced it will go under.

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The remaining direct competitors with Best Buy are relatively weak, and are not as focused in the space as Best Buy has learned to be. Electronics retailer Radio Shack () shares hit a fifteen year low recently when the company reported worse than expected results, mostly because of slow sales. GameStop (), which retails video [find florinef no rx required] games as well as selling entertainment software, has continued to produce good results, and is technically an electronics retailer, but is not really a direct competitor with Best Buy across most of its lines.
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BBY has already tightened up its workforce. On February 12, about 500 headquarters employees who had accepted voluntary exit programs in December left the company. Best Buy plans to involuntarily lay off about 40 more, by paring 250 jobs and find florinef no rx required then offering rehires in new positions to about 210 of the people who lost their positions. It is slimming down for hard times.
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Best Buy is also retooling its stores. It is shifting store employees to be more directly useful to consumers, and it is not currently laying-off salespeople. The idea is to mass the employees where they count, interacting face-to-face with the customers. A better customer experience should equal more sales.
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The company's online presence is substantial and growing. Its websites include the Best Buy sites for the U. S. and Canada; a Geek Squad site, for their installation and repair service; MagnoliaAV for audiophile equipment and service; Pacific Sales for kitchen and bath sales; and Speakeasy. com which integrates VoIP voice and data transmission for businesses. The company also owns more than 85% of Napster, the now legal file-sharing service for music downloading fans.
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Financially, BBY seems to be in very good shape. It has good growth, and good profitability with high quality revenues. It is not operating in a currently popular market sector, and that may be a concern, but its market share is certainly growing. Its price to cash flow and price to book mark it as an excellent value.
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For investors or traders wanting to take a nibble at the retail sector Best Buy looks like a fine choice. It is doing well in hard times, and should rebound nicely when the market does. Meanwhile it seems a relatively safe bet, and so it earns a definite Buy. Investors considering a position in Best Buy, but aren't absolutely sure of it's future should consider protecting a Best Buy investment with . Purchasing a for Best Buy would protect a position in Best Buy from experiencing a loss. An investment in Best Buy can also be used to generate income by entering a position. A position can be entered by purchasing a stock and then selling a . For more information about how to identify and research great , visit the PowerOptions website. There you will find the data you need to make quick, clear, and informed decisions. You can trade knowing you have found the best investment. Also, PowerOptions will allow you, with a few quick clicks, to quickly and accurately compare trades. PowerOptions' premium customer support is second to none in the industry. They can be easily contacted when you need them at their toll-free number to answer customer questions. Call them now toll free at 877-992-7971. PowerOptions provides a of its service. So join PowerOptions today, and you too can start reaping the benefits of the . PowerOptions' sister company PowerOptionsApplied provides expert recommendations. PowerOptionsApplied specializes in , naked puts and strategy recommendations. Find florinef no rx required poweroptionsapplied provides a of its service. [tags] Circuit City, Chapter 11, bankruptcy, Geek Squad, MagnoliaAV, Speakeasy. com, VoIP, Napster, BBY, Best Buy Co. Inc. , GME, Gamestop Corp. , RSH, RadioShack Corp. [/tags]

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