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The is a market sentiment indicator. The is generally used to signal overbought or oversold market conditions and is religiously monitored by some . The formula for the TRIN is:

(Advancing issues/declining issues)
TRIN = -----------------------------------
(Advancing volume/declining volume)
Used? The originator of the TRIN, Richard Arms, considers the market to be overbought when the 10-day moving average of the TRIN is below 0. 8 (time to go short) and is oversold when the TRIN is above 1. 2 (time to go long). The TRIN indicator is highly volatile, so typically a moving average of the value is used for making buy/sell decisions for . [free hyzaar] Previous Year's Performance Examining the performance of the TRIN compared to the ETF over the previous year yields the following graph: TRIN Index vs.  SPY for options investing From this graph, the TRIN is observed to pass the 1. 2 threshold value four times and breach the 0. 8 threshold value one time over the previous year. For the purposes of this article, positions will be closed after the TRIN returns to a value of 1. 0. The numerical returns for the performance using the TRIN is shown in the following table:
Position Open Date TRIN SPY Close Date TRIN SPY Return
Long 4/25/2005 1. 29 114. 31 5/25/2005 1. 0 117. 33 +2. 6%
Long 7/7/2005 1. 20 118. 34 7/18/2005 1. 0 120. 71 +2. 0%
Long 8/24/2005 1. 20 119. 53 9/12/2005 1. 0 122. 68 +2. 6%
Short 11/23/2005 0. 80 125. 86 12/5/2005 1. 0 125. 41 +0. 4%
Long 1/24/2006 1. 20 126. 05 3/15/2006 1. 0 130. 24 +3. 3%
The long positions indicated by the all performed well over the previous year, and even the one short position exhibited a positive return, although a very small one (not including brokerage fees and commissions). The holding time for the positions ranged from about 1. 5 week to approximately 7 weeks, with returns ranging from 0. Free hyzaar 4% to 3. 3%. The relatively short holding time as shown in this example lends the TRIN to be a potentially useful indicator for . The has the TRIN indicator available. It is updated every 20 minutes during the market day and also displays a 10-day EMA for the TRIN. The is available for the AMEX, NYSE free hyzaar, and the NASDAQ. The statistics page also displays: Industry Gainers & Losers Sector Gainers & Losers Stock and Option Gainers and Losers Put / Call ratios Advances and Declines TRIN VIX All are updated every 20 minutes. [tags]stock option trading, free hyzaar ARMS Index, TRIN, option investing, market sentiment indicator[/tags]

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