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Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned recently the U. S. economy's next phase is recessionary. Mr. Greenspan did not specify when a recession might occur, but indicated it could be as early as the end of 2007. The economy behaves in a cyclical manner: expansion, peak, contraction (recession) and trough. Order plavix cod for example, if the last economic phase experienced is expansion, then the next phase is peak, followed by contraction, etc. So Mr. Greenspan's comments aren't so surprising, it's kind of like saying "sunset follows sunrise", it always happens that way. In the case of sunset/sunrise we know the timing of the event, but in the case of the economy, we don't know the timing. So what's an investor to do about Mr. Greenspan's comments? One solution is to simply exit the stock market, but it could be several years until we experience the next economic expansionary phase. We can take some solace in the fact there's always a bull market somewhere, even in a recession. We analyzed all of the optionable stocks during the most recent economic contraction to determine the ones performing well and the ones performing poorly during the recessionary period. The following table lists the various sectors of the economy and the percentage of companies performing well in the sector during the most recent economic recession:

Sector Performance During Recession
Sector % Success Sector % Success
Financial 74% Healthcare 49%
Utilities 65% Services 48%
Basic Materials 62% Conglomerates 44%
Consumer Goods 54% Technology 16%
Industrial Goods 51% . .
From this table, it appears the companies to consider investing in during an economic recession are Financial, Utilities and Basic Materials. The sectors to consider avoiding during an economic recession are: Technology and Conglomerates. The list of financial sector companies we found to have performed reasonably well during the previous economic recession are shown below.
Financial Companies Performing Reasonably Well in Recession
It should be noted some of the companies in the list of financial companies haven't performed very well lately, for example NFI and DRL. The list of utility sector companies we found to have performed reasonably well during the previous economic recession are shown below.
Utility Companies Performing Reasonably Well in Recession
The list of basic material sector companies we found to have performed reasonably well during the previous economic recession are shown below.
Basic Material Companies Performing Reasonably Well in Recession
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