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Any company that lets you design your own skateboard in an easy to use interactive environment is at least a novelty. And if outfitting your Rasta Panda deck with Thunder Jamie Thomas '05 trucks doesn't get you going then you're probably more into than skateboarding. But, being a person of taste, you can appreciate the appeal. I'm talking about . But order propecia, the site isn't their bread and butter it's their 174 mall outlets. Recently, they have been drawing attention to themselves by touring the country in a brilliant flurry of skateboard ramps, marketing, bands with offensive names and guys with orange hair. It's called the "couch tour" and you can see more about it on their site ( ). The site also has snowboards and pretty much everything you might imagine that would appeal to Gen-Xbox. Or at least those things a middle-aged person might imagine would appeal to the younger set. The company has everything to make a suburban mother's credit card leap from her purse. If they merged with Bed Bath and Beyond, it might signal a family's financial apocalypse. Aside from the hype, the company's got strong fundamentals; 55. 8 Million in sales last quarter and projected EPS of $0. 90. A word of caution, there is an earnings report coming out on the 15th of November. The news on the company however does not support the notion that there will be a significant stock move. Order propecia let's take a look at what the strategy search summary tool on the website [order propecia] brings up:

zumiez inc (zumz) $32. 59
Sell Option Expire/Strike Option Bid Downside Protection Return if Assigned
QUYKF 06 NOV 30. 00 $3. 40 10. 40% 2. 80%
QUYKZ 06 NOV 32. 50 $1. 90 5. 80% 5. 90%
QUYKG 06 NOV 35. 00 $0. 90 2. 80% 10. 40%
The $30 strike position is solid with the 10. 4% downside, but you might order propecia find the 2. 8% potential profit a little thin ($0. 81 a share). The $32. 50 position stands out as superior in this chart because of the reasonable downside protection with a respectable 5. 9% potential profit. This trade would yield $1. 81 a share if assigned. The Strategy Search Tool also offers one-click access company news and other company information. So, looking at QUYKZ a little more closely, you have per 100 shares a maximum profit of $181. 00, a maximum risk of $3, 069 and a break-even price of $30. 69. This could be a fun trade. And, I forgot to mention same stores sales rose 14. 9% this year ( ). provides a free 14-day trial of its service. So join today, and you too can start reaping the benefits of . provides Internet based tools for analyzing with specific search criteria and for finding potentially lucrative . For those seeking to execute a strategy for their personal portfolios, provides an Internet based search engine for finding potentially lucrative income producing covered call positions. [tags] covered call investing, option income, poweroptions, stock investing, stock options [/tags]

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