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During this weekly discussion we: - Ran a new weekly Search to identify any securities that have weekly options. 10 new securities were added since 2/25/2011: There are now 60 securities that offer weekly options.

- sinequan in canada Discussed the functionality of the Strategy Search Summary Tool to evaluate opportunities in different strategies one stock at a time. - Basic discussion on Weekly options - Concepts on protecting and managing a Naked Put trade sinequan in canada, using the PowerOptions Portfolio tools [sinequan in canada] as a guide (detailed information can be found in the PowerOptions book: Naked Puts - Power Strategies for Consistent Profits) - Trading the Married Put / RadioActive Trading techniques in a bearish or declining market, including how to use the PowerOptions Search Tool to find Married Puts on Inverse ETFs. - Evaluating the math behind 'Income Method #6', one of the 10 Income Methods used in the RadioActive Trading techniques which are fully detailed in The Blueprint. ?

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