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Trucking – Fuel Costs – Stock Option Investing

With the recent decreases in the cost of fuel, the trucking industry is looking bullish. Like the airline industry, one of the largest operating expenses incurred in the trucking industry is for fuel, second after expenses for labor.When the cost for fuel decreases, the trucking industry’s costs are decreased, so the savings helps the industry’s bottom line.

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DJIA – Price Resistance – Revisited

In article, “DJIA – Stock Price Resistance“, we outlined a bearish strategy for the Dow Jones Industrial Average when the index is close to its historic high using bear call spread options. Basically, the $DJX had to remain below $120.1 for the strategy to be profitable. The options for the $DJX expire “AM Settlement”, and based on the opening price of the stocks in the $DJX on October 20, 2006, the settlement price for the $DJX was $120.16 (see settlement values ).