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French Investing – Winner or Waterloo – Covered Calls

This article is a continuation of the series in the examination of the world’s economies, and in this article we will consider France. France has the sixth largest economy after the United States, Japan, Germany, China and the United Kingdom. France is the most popular tourist destination in the world with over 75 million visitors each year. The second and third most popular tourist destinations, Spain and the United States, are not even close with around 50 million visitors each year.

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United Kingdom – To Invest or Not To Invest

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the young prince Hamlet utters the phrase “To be or not to be-that is the question..” as he is considering whether to commit suicide or not. The question we ponder in this article is “should we invest in the United Kingdom or not?” With this article, we continue the evaluation of world economies with the examination of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has a long and fragmented history. It is the fifth largest economy in the world after the United States, Japan, Germany, and China. At one point, the United Kingdom had dominion over the largest land mass and population in the world encompassing large portions of Europe, America and Asia.

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Stock Options – Investments or Vegas Gambling?

If you have been following our blog, you may remember a few articles from the archive discussing risk-reward ratios and knowing the risks involved with the company before you place a trade. April 24th, 2006 – “Stock Market Research” July 21st, 2006 – “Learn the Risk Factors and Profit” September 14th, 2006 – “Company Earnings and Stock Options Straddle” The highest potential rewards in stock and options trading also carry the highest potential risks. Naturally these types of trades appeal to the risk taker in all of us. We are in the market to make money, so why shouldn’t we take the risk to make the most money?

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Retail Investing – Returned +0.9% Return in Mar 07

In article, “Wal-Mart (WMT) Stuck in a Retail Rut”, we analyzed retail stores for a covered calls stock options strategy. In article, “Retail Investing – Returns Sweet +4% Return in Jan 07”, we selected positions for expiration in March of 2007, and even though the overall stock market was very gloomy, the strategy still returned +0.9, not bad considering the S&P500 index was down over 5% during the same time period.

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Bearish on Subprime Lenders Returned +10.9% in Mar. 07

In article, “Subprime Lenders Are In the Bear House”, we outlined a bear call credit spreads stock options strategy for the subprime mortgage lenders. All four bear call credit spreads positions selected were profitable with an average return of +10.9%. Signup now for PowerOptions free 14-day trial The news on the subprime front is still gloomy. Mortgage lenders are tightening lending standards and many potential homebuyers are not able to find a mortgage lender willing to lend them the money to purchase a house or the borrowers now find the interest rates and/or required down payments unsuitable for their budgets.