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Memorial Day and Remembering

It’s good to take time to remember those who were in the military and have performed the ultimate sacrifice. I was never in the military, and at my age the military wouldn’t even take me, but I really respect those who serve, have served and those who have sacrificed in the military. Sign up now for PowerOptions 14-day free trial Memorial Day is a reminder every year of how bad my memory is. Outside of car keys, wallet and cell phone, I can scarcely remember where anything else is. For example, I have no idea where my staple gun and funnels are located. When it comes to investing, my memory is just as bad as it is with my staple gun and funnels, can’t remember the trades I’ve made or the reason(s) for the trades, which is why I use PowerOptions tools to do my remembering for me.

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The Best Investment for Mom on Mother’s Day

Stumped trying to decide what the perfect gift to get for Mom on Mother’s Day? How about an investment in on of her favorite companies? Better yet, how about the “best” protected covered call or collar investment in one of her favorite companies? A protected covered call can be entered by selling a call option against the stock and using some of the proceeds from selling the call option to purchase a protective put option. Sign up now for PowerOptions 14-day free trial