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FactSet Research (FDS) Turns up 11% Q4 Profit Growth

FactSet Research Systems, Incorporated (FDS), a leading provider of financial data and information analysis software, based out of Norwalk, Connecticut, announced an 11% profit jump for its fiscal second quarter, over its prior year second quarter. The company credited the strong rise in profit to a sharp increase in subscriptions for its investment management business.

Profit rose from $26.5 million in its 2007 fiscal second quarter to $29.5 million for the 2008 quarter. This amounted to a jump from 52 cents per share to 59 cents per share, inspiring news for the stock investing community. When excluding one-time items, the company actually produced $31.1 million in earnings, or 62 cents per share. Sales were strong for the company, climbing 20.6%, from $116.3 million to $140.2 million. Read more »

Darden Restaurants (DRI) Serves Up Strong Q3 Earnings

Los Angeles based Darden Restaurants, Incorporated (DRI) gave stock trading investors a reason to be exited by announcing a strong profit for its fiscal third quarter. The parent company of well known restaurants Olive Garden and Red Lobster, recently acquired LongHorn Steakhouse and Capital Grille chains, which it said boosted revenue and profit.

Lead by sales growth at Olive Garden, the company was able to overcome a bad weather quarter to produce an 18% increase in net income, for a total of $126 million in earnings. This amounts to an 88 cent per share income, compared with last year’s fiscal third quarter earnings of $106.4 million, or 72 cents per share. Read more »

Adobe (ADBE) Stays Strong with First Quarter Profit

San Jose based Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE) has seemed invincible to economic trouble as the company continues to operate with a steady resolve and constant ability to make money. As one of the earlier fiscal first quarter earnings announcers, the company helped inspire hope in the stock trading markets that some companies thrived during the treacherous first quarter of 2008.

Adobe, widely known for their Adobe Acrobat software portfolio, said first quarter revenue increased 37%, while earnings jumped an incredible 52%, from the first quarter of 2008. Revenue climbed from $649.4 million to $890.4 million, while income was up from $143.9 million to $219.4 million. Read more »

Global Crossing (GLBC) Nets Fourth Quarter Profits

Global Crossing (GLBC), a New Jersey based telecommunications carrier announced that it had earned $1 million during its fiscal further quarter for 2007. While this might seem like a small profit, it was a huge improvement of the $90 million loss the company suffered during the same quarter in 2006.

Increased Internet and corporate networking sales were noted as being leading contributors to the strong improvement from 2006 to 2007. Total sales went from $488 million to $616 million, a rise of 26% from last year’s fourth quarter to this year’s. According to Thomson Financial, analysts had estimated $608.3 in sales. The stock investing community was inspired by the superior revenue. Read more »

Air Methods (AIRM) Flies High in Fourth Quarter

New York based Air Methods Corporation (AIRM), a leading provider of emergency medical air transportation announced extremely impressive fourth quarter earnings results that gave its stock help. The company said its fourth quarter profit quadrupled from the previous year based on two key factors: Revenue from a recent acquisition and low tax expenses.

Stock investing spiked as buyers drove the stock up over 2% passed $40 during the day, following the announcement. Trading portfolio additions were driven by earnings of $4.8 million, or 38 cents per share, compared with $1.2 million, or 10 cents per share, during the fiscal 2006 fourth quarter. This is a pretty significant jump and stock trading definitely increased in volatility following the announcement. Read more »

Gymboree (GYMB) Sees 10% Fourth Quarter Profit Spike

New York based children’s clothing retailer, Gymboree Corporation (GYMB), announced a very strong fiscal fourth quarter earnings season that ignited after hours stock trading. The company said its profit was 10% higher for its further quarter this year compared to its fourth quarter from last year.

Revenue that outpaced analyst estimates was cited as the leading contributor to the strong performance. The company’s fiscal quarter ended on February 2nd. Earnings were $26.8 million, or 93 cents per share. During last year’s fourth quarter, the company earned $24.4 million, or 75 cents per share. Read more »

Analysts Excited about Blockbuster Video (BBI)

Blockbuster Video (BBI) has been generating a lot of business among stock research analysts as of late. The company recently reported a strong fourth quarter earnings season. Analysts had widely expected 17 cents per share profit for the company, and it beat those estimates with 18 cents per share earnings.

The leading contributor to the surprise earnings was a larger than anticipated revenue number. Analysts had suggested a consensus revenue estimate of $1.437 billion. The company reported actual revenue of $1.567 billion. Read more »

Microsoft (MSFT) Expanding Online Software Services

Microsoft (MSFT) has found an answer to online software services that people are seeking in order to make their business life easier and so today Microsoft Corp. has announced their expansion business program testing that will be offered as online services. This is an investment strategy that puts Microsoft at the cutting edge and in competition with other reputable companies.

People are now resorting to online capabilities for their writing, accounting, email and other online programs to increase productivity. People are looking for ease of use and so software packages and installation steps have become a distant friend only on occasions. Read more »

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Bests Profit Estimates

Los Angeles based Cooper Tire & Rubber Company (CTB) bested analyst earnings estimates during its fourth quarter of 2007, which ended on December 31, 2007. The leading tire maker credits improved pricing measures and effective cost-cutting for the huge profit jump over the fourth quarter of 2006.

The company’s 82 cents per share net income, or $51 million, easily outpaced the 45 cents per share earnings from last year’s fourth quarter. Sales were up $50 million, moving from $715 million to $765 million. Operating income was 43 cents per share, a strong 5 cents over the 38 cents per share analysts had estimated. Read more »

Ensco Strong Player in Oil and Energy

Ensco International (ESV), an offshore drilling company gave its stock help by reporting a strong 13% increase in profits for its fiscal fourth quarter. Lead by higher day rates for its rigs, the company best Wall Street analysts significantly to help inspire stock trading.

Fourth quarter net income of $238.6 million translates into a remarkable $1.66 earnings per share. This was a sharp increase over last year’s fourth quarter earnings of $210.4 million, or $1.39 per share. Analysts had expected $1.55 per share for the company. The 11 cent out performance was credited largely to about a $24,000 per day increase in rig rates. Read more »

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