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What’s Up With Weatherford International’s Stock Options?

Weatherford International’s stock options volume jumped off of the chart yesterday. Call option and put option volume was inordinately high for Weatherford. There didn’t appear to be any significantly related news for Weatherford yesterday. They announced that their next earnings report is scheduled for January 26, 2010, but such a far off event shouldn’t create a spike in stock options volume.

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Short Squeeze and Stock Options

Sometimes when making lemonade there’s just not anymore juice that can be squeezed out of a lemon. In investing, there’s a similar idea with shorting a stock, sometimes the investors shorting the stocks have piled on so much, there’s no way for the stock to go down anymore. In general, short sellers of a stock have to close or buy back the stock they shorted at some point. There are the cases where the company goes bankrupt and the stock ceases to trade anymore, but in most cases short sellers have to exit.

Stock Option Investment Advice

Dana’s Call Option Volume is Up

Dana’s (DAN) call option volume popped up on the radar yesterday, apparently somebody thinks Dana’s upcoming earnings report scheduled for November 3 will be positive. Dana specializes in design and manufacture of axles, drive shafts and other related components for vehicle manufactures. Dana’s automotive customers haven’t been faring to well the last couple of years and neither has Dana.

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What’s Up With Monsanto’s Stock Options?

Monsanto’s (MON) stock option volume went into orbit yesterday and its stock price was down 6% as well. Monsanto’s call option and put option both went berserk yesterday. If you’re in the farming business, Monsanto is your best friend. Monsanto provides agricultural products for farmers on a global basis. Some of Monsanto’s leading brands include: Accleron TM, Asgrow®, DEKALB®, Deltapine®,De Ruiter Seeds, GenuityTM, Roundup®, Roundup Ready®, Seminis®, VistiveTM, YieldGard®, and YieldGard VTTM.

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What’s Up With Citrix Systems Call Options?

Citrix Systems (CTXS) call option volume was up yesterday and the company’s stock price was down about 4%. Citrix’s products enable its customers to host software on a centralized server. This enables its customers to decrease costs for supporting software applications. Instead of having hundreds of remote PC’s to keep up-to-date, support staff only has to keep the centralized server up-to-date.

Stock Option Investment Advice

What’s Up With Gilead Sciences Call Options?

Gilead Sciences (GILD) call option volume went ballistic yesterday, a day after it reported earnings. Its stock price was down slightly as well. If you’re sick, Gilead Sciences may have just the drug for you. Gilead develops, licenses and markets a number of drugs including: Truvada, Viread, Atripla, Emtriva, Hespera, AmBisome, Flolan, Vistide, Tamiflu, Macugen, Letairis and Cicletanine.