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The tools at PowerOptions are used by self-directed investors to develop a set of screening parameters that find stock and option combinations which meet your specific investment criteria and risk/reward tolerance. Once your personalized search criteria are developed and tested, the search can be implemented and applied anytime to produce your results – just logon anytime to see your search results. If getting logged into the site for your results is ever inconvenient, we also offer your search results by email. Just like a newsletter service, your investment idea results are sent to your e-mail INBOX every day as your personal opportunity list. Note: If you like the results you see from the PowerOptions built-in default search criteria, you can get those results by email as well.

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Conversions Are A Riskless Options Trade

Conversions, if you are able to receive a credit, are no risk options trades with a very limited reward. One example of a conversion is: Buy shares of SLV @ $18.73 Sell JUN 18 call @ -$ 1.08 Buy JUN 18 put @    $ 0.34 Net Debit =         $17.99 Guaranteed exit/assignment = $18.00 Guaranteed Profit =          $ 0.01 ADVANTAGES: 1.  Possibility for a no-risk trade 2.  Credit is received 3.  Management is not necessary 4.  Opportunities can easily be found with PowerOptions DISADVANTAGES: 1.  Guaranteed Profit is extremely limited 2.  After commissions limited profit might turn into a loss 3.  Due to low profit, 1,000s of shares may need to be traded which hinders the retail investor 4.  Opportunities may appear, then disappear quickly.  I found this trade on PowerOptions, but by the time I linked to the profit and loss chart the trade showed a guaranteed loss of -$0.04…