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Individual Insurance or Group Insurance Better?

There’s been a lot of banter lately about health insurance and this article is NOT about health insurance, at least not the kind related to doctors, hospitals, Congress, etc.

Individual or Group?

We will examine whether it is better to insure stocks individually or as a group. In an article published several years ago, we explained how to insure a group stocks with index stock options: Portfolio Management: Stock Insurance.
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Fuel System’s High Stock Option Volume

Fuel System’s (FSYS) stock option volume was up yesterday while its stock was down almost 10%.

If you’re looking to purchase a car or convert a car to operate on natural gas, then Fuel Systems is for you. Fuel Systems provides components for alternative energy in the transportation segment. Fuel Systems IMPCO subsidiary provides products in the industrial and power generation market segment and it’s BRC subsidiary provides products for the alternative fuels transportation market segment. Fuel Systems derives a large part of its revenues from selling its products in Italy. Italy provides a subsidy or support for natural gas through a reduced Value Added Tax [VAT].
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