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SIV – Stock Implied Volatility and Stock Earnings

Q: What is the SIV data and search parameter that PowerOptions provides? A: As you know, historical stock volatility can be measured in many ways: 20-day volatility, 50-day volatility, 100-day volatility, etc. Rather than use the historical trading range of the stock to measure volatility, investors will use the SIV.

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PowerOptions for RadioActive Traders Webinar Series Part II

In Part II of this webinar series Michael Chupka, PowerOptions Director of Education, reviews some of the basics from Part I – using the PowerOptions Search Tool and then answers attendees specific questions on using the Search Tool. (click below to view video)

Stock Option Investment Advice

Investing with the Naked Put Strategy

During this Open Discussion presentation, Mike Chupka, PowerOptions Director of Option’s Education, answers questions on using the patented PowerOptions Suite of Tools. In this presentation, Mr. Chupka starts off using a Naked Put search for weekly options to see if there are any new securities that have weeklies available for the next expiration cycle. Following that, he covers topics based on customer queries such as: (select below to view video)