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Chevron and Exxon Release Earnings this Week – Covered Calls

Two of the world’s largest oil companies, Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX), are gearing up to release their quarterly profit reports this week. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons ($93/barrel oil) the numbers might be good and some of the rationale behind why some analysts believe the companies might come in lower than expected. Read more »

Options on Index ETFs

The Dow is up about 1500 points (13%) over the past year and at its high earlier this month, the index was up over 2000 points. The NASDAQ is up around 20% over the past year. These are delicious results and it would be nice if the next 52 weeks were guaranteed to be as prosperous. Read more »

October Covered Call Trades Yield 3.6% to 15.4%

October was a successful month for the blog. Many of the trades we listed on the blog came in profitable. The trades listed in the following table are some of the trades making money for the month of October. Read more »

Housing Markets in Most Developed Countries Following US Lead

The USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times have all run articles recently on the likely fate of the worldwide housing market. The narrative is fairly similar: Home prices are falling after a decade of double-digit increases in some of the world’s hottest housing markets. Read more »

Overview of a Finish and Scandinavian Companies on Eve of Nokia’s Earnings Announcement

Finland is a land of many lakes, trees, endless days in the summer and a period of 51 grueling sunless days in the winter. It has been rated the freest nation in the world, according to international groups who rate such things, and has twice provided the world with the winner of the Miss Universe pageant (including the first woman to win the pageant in 1952). Read more »

Surviving the Storm with Energy Sector ETFs

We did a little number crunching on today’s market results and found the following: Only 8% of all exchange traded funds made gains today, while 41% of energy sector exchange traded funds made gains in trading. Read more »

Citi Disappoints – A Bearish Look at the Financial Sector

Citi (C) was down nearly 3.5% today despite beating analysts’ estimates. Overall, the company raked in $2.4 Billion last quarter. Unfortunately this is nearly 60% lower than the same quarter last year. Read more »

Covered Calls on Stocks Held by Bill Gates

Bill Gates invests through a vehicle called Cascade Investment Holdings. On the blog today, we thought it might be interesting to look at the investment fund’s top held equities and a potential covered call investment strategy involving them. Read more »

Analysts Bullish About Costco – Covered Calls

Costco Wholesale (COST), perhaps benefiting from consumers hoping to save money as gas prices rise and the specter of inflation looms on the horizon, saw its profits rise 4.7% in the fourth quarter. Read more »

This Bud Stops Here – Coors and Miller Team up to Compete in Domestic US Market

Molson Coors Brewing Company (TAP) and SABMiller (UK:SAB) have entered into a joint operating agreement in the US and Puerto Rico in hopes of boosting profits. Read more »

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