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Covered Calls on Optionable ETFs

Casual investors often love the simplicity of index mutual funds and dollar cost averaging. Option investors love the excitement of a more exotic trade and the downside protection offered by common trades such as Covered Calls and in the money spreads. Exchange Traded Funds are a fund tracking an index, but can be traded like a stock.

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The Apple of the Media’s Eye and its Competitors

The Zune’s current market share is around 2.8 percent. This is greater than Apple’s (AAPL) 2.3 percent personal computer market share in 2003 but still described as a pittance by most news outlets. The LA times business section led with an article entitled, “Zunes not likely to get iPod fans to change their tunes.”

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Tearing the Veneer Off Ethanol Hype – Bear Position Options

There have been widespread news reports suggesting the end of the rather short-lived ethanol boom. Ethanol was originally sold as a cure-all because it was renewable, good for farmers, great for midwestern cargo-rail, and brought jobs to rural interior communities.

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New York Times is now Free Online – Will the Wall Street Journal Follow?

The New York Times (NYT), perhaps bowing to criticism, but more likely seeing the error in their online revenue model has chosen to make the online version of its publication free. Rupert Murdoch has reportedly been toying with the idea of doing the same with the Wall Street Journal. Does this mark the ‘tipping point’ for the pay for access model some online publications have been experimenting with?

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Airline News – American may Sell-Off Frequent Flyer Program and British Airways Buys from both Boeing and Airbus

There’s quite a bit of news surrounding Airlines recently. British Airways (OTC:BAIRY.PK) announced they would be buying 24 of Boeing’s (BA) new 787 Dreamliner while favoring 12 of Airbus’ (Privately held) larger A380 Superjumbo over Boeing’s stalwart 747.