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3 Quick Tips to Find Weekly Naked Put Options on PowerOptions

When I create a Search for Weekly options I start by:

Click ‘Clear These Settings’. This will empty all the filter settings.

Select ‘All Weeklies’ as your Options Expiration Time Frame.

In the ‘Days to Expiration’ filter field enter a range of ‘2’ to ‘9’. This will filter out the options that have 1 day left to expiration but include the ones that expire 8 days away and will work for any day that you run your search.

Enter in basic criteria for premium and return. Examples (not suggestions ­čÖé ):

  • Option Bid 0.15 to ____ (or your preference)
  • % Naked Yield 0.5 to ___
  • % Out of Money 0.5 to ___ (or 1 to blank)
  • Earnings Date – Not Between Now and Expiration

Remember to keep your search criteria simple and basic at first when looking for weekly options.

Once you submit that search you should see your desired results. You can now start to further filter the results based on your own stock criteria and option criteria, or increase the range OTM or premium you’d like to pull in.

In addition to that we have a default ‘Weekly Naked Put Search’ that is available in the ‘Search Settings Saved As’ drop-down menu. This search includes All Weeklies, but anyone can quickly alter that Search by adding in the ‘2 to 9’ Days to expiration and then add in their own search criteria.

‘Signature Tools’ Tab Added to PowerOptions Navigation

PowerOptions has added many great tools for options traders over the years. Not all of them perfectly fit into the “strategy” navigation theme that we use. As a result, some of the best tools we offer have been obscured from obvious use. Our latest update to the site has been to gather up all of these tools and put them in one place for easy access. – The SIGNATURE TOOLS tab…

What might you find there? Read more »

Can I add old closed positions to my PowerOptions portfolio?

Of course you can! With the PowerOptions portfolio tools you can track any number of positions for any number of accounts. They can be real accounts or paper-trading accounts.

We know that getting your PowerOptions portfolio “caught up” can be a hindrance to starting one at all – but, we strongly suggest that you just jump in and start tracking new trades as you put them on. Don’t worry so much about catching up the portfolio with all of your old trades. The benefit of using the PowerOptions portfolio tools to track your real and paper trades? Read more »

PowerOptions for RadioActive Traders Webinar Series Part II

In Part II of this webinar series Michael Chupka, PowerOptions Director of Education, reviews some of the basics from Part I – using the PowerOptions Search Tool and then answers attendees specific questions on using the Search Tool.

(click below to view video)
youtube video

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Short Squeeze and Stock Options part II

We’ve received a lot of questions, interest and comments regarding the article on short squeezes, “Short Squeeze and Stock Options”, so we’re going to follow that up with another article on short squeezes.

If you had followed the covered call investing position for Bank of the Ozarks (OZRK) selected in the previous short squeeze article, you would be sitting pretty right now, as the price of the stock has increased and the time value of the November 22.5 call option is approaching zero, so an investor could have already made about 3% on the covered call position for OZRK.
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What’s Up with Gold Companies and Their Stock Options?

Barrick Gold (ABX), Anglogold Ashanti (AU) and Harmony Gold Mining (HMY) stock option volumes are sky high today.

Barrick Gold is Canadian based company primarily involved in searching for and producing gold. Barrick is also involved in copper, silver, platinum, nickel, oil and gas.
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Short Squeeze and Stock Options

Sometimes when making lemonade there’s just not anymore juice that can be squeezed out of a lemon. In investing, there’s a similar idea with shorting a stock, sometimes the investors shorting the stocks have piled on so much, there’s no way for the stock to go down anymore.

In general, short sellers of a stock have to close or buy back the stock they shorted at some point. There are the cases where the company goes bankrupt and the stock ceases to trade anymore, but in most cases short sellers have to exit.
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What’s Up With Monsanto’s Stock Options?

Monsanto’s (MON) stock option volume went into orbit yesterday and its stock price was down 6% as well. Monsanto’s call option and put option both went berserk yesterday.

If you’re in the farming business, Monsanto is your best friend. Monsanto provides agricultural products for farmers on a global basis. Some of Monsanto’s leading brands include: Accleron TM, Asgrow┬«, DEKALB┬«, Deltapine┬«,De Ruiter Seeds, GenuityTM, Roundup┬«, Roundup Ready┬«, Seminis┬«, VistiveTM, YieldGard┬«, and YieldGard VTTM.
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What’s Up With Tempur Pedic & Sealy?

Stock and stock option volume for Tempur Pedic (TPX) and Sealy (ZZ) popped up on the radar yesterday. Tempur Pedic’s stock price was up 11% yesterday and Sealy’s was up 6%. After hours, Sealy reported results which were in line with expectations. Sealy said in their conference call that they are beginning to see signs that consumers are beginning to recover from the recession.
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Recovery from the recession: An L, U, V or W?

The economic recession, which began in December 2007, ended in July 2009 according to some market analysts. Not all economists agree that the recession is truly over, but the one thing they can all agree on is that recovery won’t be quick.

The US economy shrank at a nearly 6% annualized rate from September 2008 to March 2009, so it will be a long time before real progress is felt. The shape of the recovery growth curve is likely to be an L or a wide U, although unexpected negative news could easily turn it into a W.
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