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Can I add old closed positions to my PowerOptions portfolio?

Of course you can! With the PowerOptions portfolio tools you can track any number of positions for any number of accounts. They can be real accounts or paper-trading accounts.

We know that getting your PowerOptions portfolio “caught up” can be a hindrance to starting one at all – but, we strongly suggest that you just jump in and start tracking new trades as you put them on. Don’t worry so much about catching up the portfolio with all of your old trades. The benefit of using the PowerOptions portfolio tools to track your real and paper trades? The Position Analysis.

Once your positions are in the portfolio, you can avail yourself to the analysis tools that will have you manage and follow-up your trades in a way that will help you reduce risk, increase returns, roll out or take money off the table.

Maybe there are a bunch of sites and tools that will help you find new options trades to make. But, are they helping you figure out what to do once you’re in the trade? PowerOptions is.

Back to updating your Portfolio with Historical trades…

Can you (if you’re feeling industrious) get old ones in there?? Yes, you can.

Just click “Historical Reports”, there you will see a button for “Add Closed Transaction”. This page allows you to enter a historical position. Note: when you enter your old position, you will need the total cash money in and cash money out, there’s no per-share or per-contract entry here.

Let us know what you like or hate about the Portfolio Tools. We think they’re awesome, but all things can be improved, we’re listening.

What else is great about the PowerOptions portfolio tools?

  • Industry and Sector analysis for any single portfolio and all of your portfolios – so you can see where any portfolio may be too heavily weighted and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Alerts – get notification when stock prices or option prices or about 30 other trigger events happen to your positions.
  • Snapshots – see today’s activity across all of your positions.

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  1. Wei-Yen Tan

    I would love to have a mobile app for iOS and Android. I am the road a lot and the web app has a very small screen real estate. Also I found that the web site is slow to web requests. Apart from that i love the analysis tools and look forward to seeing what else you have in store.

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