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Aventine Renewable (AVR) – Green Profits

Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings, Inc. (AVR), a leading producer and supplier of ethanol, announced earlier this month it would be building new storage facilities in the state of Missouri. Aventine Renewable Energy produces, supplies, and markets ethanol, bio-products and animal feed products throughout the United States. Among its products are ethanol used as fuel, corn gluten, and yeasts. The company also does beer fermentation for the production of beer. The company was formerly known as Williams Bio-Energy and is based in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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Retail Investing – Returns Gigantic +4% in Nov.

In a prevoius article, “Wal-Mart – Stuck in a Retail Rut“, we analyzed retail stores for a covered calls stock options strategy since fuel costs were declining and retail shoppers would have more money to spend for Christmas, etc. Every single position selected was profitable and 9 of the10 positions returned the maximum profit for a gigantic average return of +4%.

Stock Option Investment Advice

Trucking Investments Returns Sweet +2.8% for Nov.

In blog article, “Trucking – Fuel Costs“, we analyzed the trucking industry in light of recent decreases in the cost of fuel. Using PowerOptions’ SmartSearchXL stock options search tool we found several attractive covered calls stock options positions with stock options expiring in November of 2006. The average return of these positions was a very sweet +2.8%, generated in only 24 days.

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Generic Drug Investing Returns +1.3% in Nov.

In blog article, “Wal-Mart – Generic Drugs – Options Investing“, we analyzed the generic drug industry in view of Wal-Mart’s introduction of $4 generic drugs. Using PowerOptions’ SmartSearchXL stock options search tool, we discovered three attractive generic drug covered calls stock options positions. The selected covered calls positions returned an average of +1.3% at options expiration in November of 2006.

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Insurance Investing Returns +0.5% in Nov.

In a previous blog article, “Hurricanes – Insurance – Options Investing“, we outlined a covered calls stock options strategy for the property & casualty segment of the insurance industry. Using PowerOptions SmartSearchXL stock options search tool, we discovered two attractive covered calls positions.

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Gold Fields (GFI) – Digging Up Profits

Gold Fields Ltd. (GFI) specializes in the exploration and mining of gold in South Africa, Ghana, Australia, and Venezuela. Gold Fields is the world’s fourth-largest gold company and is estimated to have gold ore reserves of 65 million ounces and is based in Parktown, South Africa. On Wednesday, 22 November, Gold Fields received local approval to purchase the South Deep Gold mine in South Africa for $2.5 billion. This will increase the number of substantial Gold mines the company possesses in South Africa to three.

Stock Option Investment Advice

VistaPrint (VPRT) – Printing Profits

VistaPrint Limited ( VPRT ) is the leading online supplier of high-quality graphic design services. VistaPrint’s online store offers personalized Christmas cards, calendars and postcards; all great potential Christmas gift items. Also, the company announced, in a November 20, 2006 press release, it will offer last minute shoppers a quick turn around of three days for holiday orders.