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Nuts and Bolts of Option Trading Tools

Option investing can often be like “finding a needle in a haystack” – an investor knows there are good option trades out there, but finding them amongst the gazillion other “not-so-hot” option trades can be very difficult.  That why over the last ten years or so PowerOptions has been developing tools to help option traders find “needles in the haystack” with less effort and with less time required. In addition to developing option trading technology, PowerOptions has also been actively patenting its option investment related technology.  PowerOptions’ latest issued patent may be viewed at this link. Sign up now for PowerOptions 14-day free trial

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Investing “Back-to-the-Future”

Ever say to yourself, “I wonder how well my option strategy would work if it had been used over the last year, two years, etc.?”  Well, at PowerOptions, we asked the same question and then developed an option “back-testing” tools to answer the question – and we also got a patent for the technology.  The details of the patent can be viewed at this link. For example, suppose an investor wanted to know how well the Covered Call strategy would have performed over the last year using the constraints shown below: Sign up now for PowerOptions 14-day free trial

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How to Succeed with PowerOptions

We all want to succeed by making money with our investments.  PowerOptions was designed to provide a set of tools to help and enhance the probability of success.  If used properly PowerOptions can help you make more money.  Follow these three steps on your road to improved performance: