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Nuts and Bolts of Option Trading Tools

Option investing can often be like “finding a needle in a haystack” – an investor knows there are good option trades out there, but finding them amongst the gazillion other “not-so-hot” option trades can be very difficult.  That why over the last ten years or so PowerOptions has been developing tools to help option traders find “needles in the haystack” with less effort and with less time required.

In addition to developing option trading technology, PowerOptions has also been actively patenting its option investment related technology.  PowerOptions’ latest issued patent may be viewed at this link.

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As illustrated in the patent, providing option trading tools requires fast servers, large databases, high bandwidth Internet connections and complicated software for processing, searching and presenting potential option trades.

Information related to option trades can be presented in an infinite number of ways and PowerOptions strives to present option related information in a number of easy-to-understand formats which are accurate and reliable.  It is easy to present raw option data, but much more difficult to present option related information which is easy to understand – which is where PowerOptions excels.

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Finding good option trades is only half of the battle, the other half of the battle is management of trades.  With option trading, it is very important to know the status of a trade and as Kenny Rogers sings – know when to “hold’em” and when to “fold’em”.  With option trading, another line related to “knowing when to roll’em” could be added to Rogers famous gambling song.  PowerOptions provides tools for managing option trades after selection.  With PowerOptions tools, investors can know when to “hold’em, fold’em or roll’em”.

PowerOptions tools enable option investors to instantaneously know their current profit or loss and also know their potential profit or loss based one whether a stock increases or decreases in price. PowerOptions tools enable investors to not only know the profit/loss for a single position, but also for a portfolio of positions, including past positions.

If you are new to option investing, PowerOptions is a great place to learn to trade options, as you can paper trade before putting real money on the table.  And, if you are an experienced option trader, PowerOptions can support you with your existing option strategies and teach you new option strategies.  So, if you’re a new option trader or a seasoned option trader, you should sign up for PowerOptions right now, so you can start finding those “needles in the haystack”.

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