Stock Option Investment Advice

Cut your losers short, but let your winners run

During this presentation Kurt Frankenberg shows, for no charge, the one simple thing to make you a more successful investor. Every successful trader who describes their success falls back on one simple axiom: “Cut your losers short, but let your winners run.” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But, how many of us actually implement this in our own personal trades? Kurt’s RadioActive Trading techniques begin at a place where an investor is essentially forced to cut their losers short with the opportunity to let their winners run…and that basic step is given away for free in this recorded webinar (to view, click below).

Stock Option Investment Advice

Stock Option Trading Open Discussion

First, Mr. Chupka indulges himself by using the Naked Put Search to identify just those securities that offer Weekly options, to see if any new securities were released on Thursday, January 6th, 2011. After the initial Search was completed, those results were further screened using various parameters in the patented PowerOptions Search tool. (click on the image below to view the video) Mr. Chupka then answers questions from the attendees regarding:

Stock Option Advisory

First RadioActive Webinar of 2011: A Review of the Core Principles

In the first webinar of 2011, Kurt Frankenberg gets us started us off on the right foot. In this webinar Kurt begins by focusing on the Trade Simulator Tool to show how important it is to limit your risk in order to be a successful trader. Limiting risk is the only thing we as investors can control in the market, and by using the RadioActive principles Kurt proves how you can be wrong more often than right…and still make money.