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Cut your losers short, but let your winners run

During this presentation Kurt Frankenberg shows, for no charge, the one simple thing to make you a more successful investor. Every successful trader who describes their success falls back on one simple axiom: “Cut your losers short, but let your winners run.”

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But, how many of us actually implement this in our own personal trades?

Kurt’s RadioActive Trading techniques begin at a place where an investor is essentially forced to cut their losers short with the opportunity to let their winners run…and that basic step is given away for free in this recorded webinar (to view, click below).

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In addition to that, Kurt also solves the ‘Lie of Leverage’ which gets so many investors into trouble and shows how you can be wrong more often than right and still MAKE money…

Later in the presentation, Kurt also shows two of his ten income methods that are discussed in The Blueprint. These nested trades generate premium against the initial RPM, but do not add any risk to the overall position. Using these methods, Kurt was able to Bulletproof his position in only a few weeks.

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‘Bulletproof’ means there is no risk of loss on the position…that’s right. Kurt was long stock, and after a few weeks was guaranteed a profit if the stock fell in price and had the potential to earn more profit if the stock moved up. How would you like to be in that scenario on your trades…Heads you win; Tails you don’t lose!

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We hope you enjoy the archived RadioActive Trading presentation, and please join us for the upcoming free webinars every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 Noon Eastern Time (go to to register for the next free live webinar).

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