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Wireless Market: Google May Enter Cell Phone Market and Verizon Reports Profits

Earlier in the year the CEO of AT&T (T), Edward Whitacre, made remarks about how Google was getting a free ride on the network his company created and should be made to pay higher usage fees. Google (GOOG) was predictably troubled by the comments, since under their current operational model AT&T could do a number of things to disrupt their service and profitability. Read more »

Returns of 6-15.8% in July and Trading Ideas Potentially Returning Over 6% for September

Throughout May and June the PowerOptions blog reported on industry news and potential covered call trades with July expiration dates. Many of our ideas would have yielded a 0-6% return, but the proposed trades shown in the table below would have potentially returned 6-15.8%. Read more »

Three Attractive Global Infrastructure Stocks

Analysts are expecting global spending on energy and power infrastructure to grow nearly 10% a year for the next 5 years. Today we will look for values on companies in the global marketplace engaged in the construction of power plants and/or the associated electrical distribution equipment. Read more »

Overview of PowerOptions SmartHistoryXL Features and Covered Call Search

PowerOptions offers many tools to help options investors find lucrative trades and develop strategies. One of the most powerful and exciting tools it offers its customers is the SmartHistoryXL back testing tool. Read more »

How will Japanese Quake Affect Automakers?

On Monday, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit northwest Japan knocking out the production lines of a large auto part manufacturer. Reports suggest this could affect as much as 70% of Japan’s domestic auto industry. Read more »

Johnson and Johnson Posts 9% Increase on Second Quarter Profits

Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ) acquisition of Pfizer and large increases in overseas sales contributed to a 9 percent increase in its second quarter profits announced early Tuesday. The company’s overall revenue saw an encouraging 13 percent rise. Read more »

5 Technology Stocks Poised for Growth

News outlets have been very impressed with the performance of technology stocks in the first half of 2007. It is true, tech stocks are performing better than most other sectors and the trend may continue for the remainder of the year. In this blog we’re going to look at 5 fast moving tech stocks and a way an investor can potentially boost the already tidy gains using a covered call investment strategy. Read more »

5 stocks with Heavy Insider Purchasing

Stock news outlets are notorious for providing lists. Recently, Jim Cramer’s website reported on stocks with huge insider purchases and buybacks. Barron’s Magazine also routinely runs articles on this subject. Today in the PowerOptions weblog, we’ll take a look at the list and then explore option trading ideas using this information. Read more »

GE Teams with Hitachi for stake in Global Nuclear Power Market

General Electric (GE) and Hitachi (HIT), in a move anticipating the resurgence of Nuclear Power amid global environmental concerns and electricity demand, have entered into a joint operating agreement.

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NASCAR Delivers KO and Daytona Looses its PEP

The International Speedway Corporation (ISCA) stated Monday it would end its relationship with Pepsi Cola (PEP) and enter into a 10-year deal with Atlanta-based Coca-Cola (KO). This will make Coke the official soft drink for 11 of the company’s race tracks including where the Daytona 500 is run. Pepsi has been the official beverage at Daytona 500 for 49 years. This comes somewhat cruelly, although perhaps poignantly to some, one day after the running of the Pepsi 400. Read more »

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