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Are all you’re eggs in one basket, your home mortgage for example. For a lot of investors, their largest investment and sometimes their only investment is their home. They quietly make the mortgage payment each month and over the years the value of their home has generally appreciated, sometimes rather nicely, and their home now represents a sizable chunk of their net worth.

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Star Analysts – Stock Recommendations

In a couple of recent articles, Analyzing the Analysts – Buy, Hold Or Sell and Buy Stock Recommendations from Top Analysts we focused on examining groups of analysts, their performance record and their stock investing research recommendations. In this article we focus on “star analysts” and we’ll define a “star analyst” as one with an accurate past history of projecting earnings estimates.

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Buy Stock Recommendations from Top Analysts

In a previous article entitled “Analyzing the Analysts – Buy, Hold Or Sell“, we analyzed the performance of the stock market research analysts. In this article we list recent buy recommendations of the analysts we consider to be the top performers based on our previous analysis. Additionally, we have created a special search list in order for our customers to search for potential option income opportunities using this list.

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Options Trading – Tips of the Trade

Options trading can be a full time job for some stock and option investors. For others, you might only spend a couple of minutes a day or a week adjusting and checking your positions. No matter how you use options(you should at least consider using options investing), there are some general option trading rules of thumb that you should keep with you. Perhaps even have them printed and posted where you do your trading.