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Investing with the Naked Put Strategy

During this Open Discussion presentation, Mike Chupka, PowerOptions Director of Option’s Education, answers questions on using the patented PowerOptions Suite of Tools.

In this presentation, Mr. Chupka starts off using a Naked Put search for weekly options to see if there are any new securities that have weeklies available for the next expiration cycle. Following that, he covers topics based on customer queries such as:

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  1. Rolling a leg of a vertical spread using the PowerOptions Portfolio Tool. Included in this topic is a brief discussion on basic management techniques for vertical spreads.
  2. Discussion on Diagonal Call spreads which includes:
    1. Reviewing some of the criteria that can be adjusted in the patented PowerOptions Search tool to limit results.
    2. The importance of the ‘Debit/Strike Difference Ratio in the Search for Diagonal Spreads.
    3. Why it may not be the best idea to let the long call be exercised to deliver the short option in a Diagonal Spread.
  3. Review of the Pod data features on the main Home tab.
  4. Interaction between changing symbols in the Watch List pod and the Watch List Recommended Lists in the strategy Search tool.
  5. The importance of using the ‘Annualized % Return’ field when comparing positions with different expiration dates (including Weekly expiration vs. Standard expiration, Near month expiration vs. Far Out expiration).

We hope you enjoy the presentation, and invite you to join us every Friday at 4:30 PM Eastern Time for more PowerOptions Open Forum – Q&A Sessions.

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