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Your Own Personalized Investment Newsletter with Personalized Investment Ideas by Email

The tools at PowerOptions are used by self-directed investors to develop a set of screening parameters that find stock and option combinations which meet your specific investment criteria and risk/reward tolerance. Once your personalized search criteria are developed and tested, the search can be implemented and applied anytime to produce your results – just logon anytime to see your search results.

If getting logged into the site for your results is ever inconvenient, we also offer your search results by email. Just like a newsletter service, your investment idea results are sent to your e-mail INBOX every day as your personal opportunity list.

Note: If you like the results you see from the PowerOptions built-in default search criteria, you can get those results by email as well.

You set the email results schedule for end of day or an hourly schedule during the trading day.

To get this setup….

1. Just look for the “Get Results by Email” button on the right-hand side of any search tool on the PowerOptions results by email

2. Once you click “Get Results by Email” you will see a table of your saved searches and the default searches that PowerOptions makes available.setup search results by email

You select the search to be performed and e-mailed as well as the time of day we should send it to you. Just use the check boxes for which email to send and the drop-down menu to select the time.

All saved searches are available by email. The saved searches with the double asterisk (**) in front of the name are our default searches created by PowerOptions, your personal saved searches won’t have the asterisks but can be emailed as well. Your search results are sent in the column order and with the column selections that you’ve chosen in the regular search tool with the “Choose Columns” button.

If you have your results sent at the end of day after market close, you’ll have all evening to plan the next days trading activity. Of course, some of you may prefer to wait until the market is open and stabilized before performing a search – in that case, select a time later in the morning or early afternoon to get your emailed investment ideas.

Having investment ideas sent to you by email is like having your own private investment advisory newsletter, with selections just for you.

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