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Not sure about the fundamentals you are using with your stock investing research? Good stock investment strategies always include some consideration of the stock technicals and stock fundamentals.

However, many investors are unsure of what fundamentals are important and what levels they should use to find good stock investing candidates. Something to consider is letting others do the work for you.

On PowerOptions, the SmartSearchXL tool allows you to search the stock and options markets for the best trades. But, this means that you have to know what the best trades are. Or at least you have to know what fundamentals you want to use when searching and what levels they should be for your best candidates for your stock option strategy.

By letting others do the work for you, I am suggesting that using the Recommended Lists feature may be an alternative. By using that feature, you can find stocks that meet all of your criteria and are on some of the most popular lists in the industry. This feature can show you only the stocks that are on the S&P Five Star list for example. Or perhaps you would prefer stocks that are on the S&P Platinum list. Other popular lists include the Value Line Portfolios Lehman Brothers. Stock portfolio management is much easier when you have some help from the professionals.

If you search using these lists, you can probably remove your own fundamental filters, since the experts at these top industry firms are doing it for you.

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