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You should learn options trading

I meet at least 1 person per week that asks me about PowerOptions, and I always get the same question after my introduction; Isn’t option trading risky? People on the street seem to all have a friend or neighbor who told them some horror story about losing everything in the options market.

Stock Option Investment Advice

Hedge Investments with Spread Trading

Vertical spreads offer investors the opportunity to profit on an underlying security without owning the stock and leaving themselves open to large risks. Of the many stock investment strategies, there are only four Vertical Spreads: two credit spreads (Bear-Call Credit Spreads and Bull-Put Credit Spreads) and two debit spreads (Bull-Call Debit and Bear-Put Debit). But which spread should you choose?

Stock Option Investment Advice

Triple Witching and Quadruple Witching

Investors who are new to the stock option investing markets may hear frightening tales of the dreaded Triple Witching Hour or worse, The Quadruple Witching Hour. Boo! Spooky language! However, there is nothing to be afraid of. These terms simply describe a quarterly event wherein several types of derivative contracts expire on the same day. This typically happens on the third Friday in March, June, September, and December.