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Options Trading – Back Test Your Strategies

We’ve all wondered what might happen if we could turn the clock back and do something differently. Perhaps a friendship or romance would have been saved or enhanced. Maybe the result of a sporting event could have been changed. Possibly an investment might have paid off handsomely for you.

While we can’t do much for your social or sporting life, we have created a way for you to look back at different investment choices you could have made…choices that may make a significant difference in your future investing ability.

While we can’t change what happened in the past, we can demonstrate what would have happened had you made different choices…and give you some ideas how that could apply to your investing future.

We’ve extended our patented SmartSearchXL® technology to search data from the past. With a few keystrokes, our new SmartHistoryXL search tool can show you how different search decisions would have affected the resultant option transactions – and possibly your wallet.

The idea is that you can use the past to help you setup better searches for your current trading.

We know that past results can’t guarantee future success, but we also know that a little knowledge can go a long, long way. SmartHistoryXL will clearly show you how the top 20 option trading candidates (from any search of the market) performed and how they compared to the market, in general.

You can save whichever parameters you select and compare the results. You can analyze your position – along with the actual prices of stocks and options in question – as they move forward in time. You can use the new SmartHistoryXL for every popular option strategy…and then apply what you learned to future investments.

You’ve probably heard the famous quotation: Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We’ve now provided a one-of-a-kind tool that gives you the opportunity to learn from the past, and then put that information to work for you.

What’s possible with a tool like this?

  • Develop custom searches based on what has worked in the past.
  • See how your searches would have turned out – and fine-tune your present searches.
  • Make your option trading searches more effective.
  • Compare the trades you would have found to major index performance.

The SmartHistoryXL technology is available exclusively to PowerOptions subscribers.

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