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Jim Cramer – Bear or Just All Bull

We recently analyzed Jim Cramer’s bullish stock tips and determined his bullish track record is pretty dismal. In fairness, we also analyzed Jim Cramer’s bearish stock tips and found his results were slightly positive. A sample of Jim Cramer’s bearish or short selling results are shown:

Ticker %Return Ticker %Return
GEPT 84.7% HITK -158.6%
FORD 81.6% MYOG -121.5%
ESCL 81.5% RSAS -117.0%
NTMD 77.3% GNA -107.5%
PGR 75.9% DXPE -107.0%
GTOP 73.6% NSSC -100.6%
ISON 71.8% GLG -97.8%
NPSP 67.9% TS -79.6%
SVA 66.1% SKX -78.7%
CTDC 65.8% SBUX -77.8%
MRGE 65.5% AGP -76.6%
BCSI 65.1% REGN -74.9%
WPTE 65.1% APN -74.3%
GGR 63.8% MEK -71.7%
GST 63.5% AUY -71.0%
VRSO 62.5% RMBS -70.5%
ORCT 60.9% RNWK -69.9%
AVII 59.2% CELL -69.2%
BMHC 59.1% BGC -67.3%

Are You Ready Skidaddy?
The analysis revealed an investor shorting equal amounts of their personal stock portfolio into Jim Cramer’s bearish stock tips would have realized a positive average return of +1.6%, still not worth a big booyah. Jim Cramer’s best bearish stock tip was shorting GEPT on July 25, 2005 at $6.45, which is currently trading at $1.00 representing a gain of 85%. Jim Cramer’s worst bearish stock tip was shorting HITK at $17.17 on Sep 2, 2005 and covering on Dec 22, 2005 at $44.40, resulting in a loss of 159%.

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