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CME Covered Call Strategy Returns +3.9% in Nov.

In a previous article, “CME Buying CBOT“, we analyzed CME’s purchase of CBOT and we used PowerOptions stock options search tools to find some potentially lucrative covered calls stock options investments with stock options expiring in November of 2006. Every single position selected returned the maximum potential return for an average return of +3.9%, in just 32 days!

We’re still bullish on CME and using PowerOptions Option Chain Tool to search for potential candidates returned the following covered calls stock options positions:

Chicago Merc. Exch. Hldgs. Inc. (CME) $ 534.20 JANUARY Expiring 1/20/2007 46 days left
Strike Call
500 CNMAT 44 8.20% 2.00% 2.00%
510 CNMAB 36.8 6.90% 2.50% 2.50%
520 CNMAD 30.3 5.70% 3.20% 3.20%
530 CNMAF 24.9 4.70% 4.10% 4.10%
540 CNMAH 19.5 3.70% 3.80% 4.90%
550 CNMAJ 15.2 2.80% 2.90% 6.00%
560 CNMAZ 11.6 2.20% 2.20% 7.20%

For CME, the Option Chain Tool returned seven potentially lucrative covered calls stock options positions with potential returns ranging from 2% to 7.2% (46 days) with downside protection ranging from 2.2% to 8.2%. The higher potential returns for CME are out-of-the-money [OTM] and also exhibit smaller downside protections. The lower potential returns for CME are ITM and have higher downside protection. This illustrates the beauty of covered calls investing, as an investor can tailor their investments according to their own personal risk/reward profile, aggressive investors can select positions more in the OTM direction and investors seeking more safety can select positions more in the ITM direction.

The downside to the covered calls stock options strategy for CME is the amount of capital required for one covered call position, around $53,000. Investors desiring to enter bullish positions for CME with less capital might consider a bull put credit spreads position. Using PowerOptions stock options tools to search for bull put credit spreads for CME returned the following positions:

Chicago Merc. Exch. Hldgs. Inc. (CME) $ 534.20 December Expiring 12/15/2006 10 days left
Bid Buy
Ask %Return Net
CNMXB 06 DEC 510.0 (11) 2.6 CNMXQ 06 DEC 490.0 (11) 0.85 9.6 1.75
CNMXT 06 DEC 500.0 (11) 1.4 CNMXQ 06 DEC 490.0 (11) 0.85 5.8 0.55
CNMXT 06 DEC 500.0 (11) 1.4 CNMXP 06 DEC 480.0 (11) 0.45 5.0 0.95
CNMXQ 06 DEC 490.0 (11) 0.7 CNMXP 06 DEC 480.0 (11) 0.45 2.6 0.25

The bull put credit spreads positions for CME can be entered for around $1000 to $2000 per contract with returns ranging from 2.6% to 9.6%, in only 10 days. As long as the price of CME remains above the short strike price at options expiration on December 15, 2006, the positions will be fully profitable.

The bull put credit spreads positions with the price of the CME stock closing below the short strike price at options expiration will not return the maximum profit and could potentially result in a loss, possibly a significant loss. Even though spread positions can generally be entered for less capital than covered calls stock options positions, they tend to be higher risk, and may require stop-loss management techniques.

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