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Retail Investing – Returns Sweet +4% Return in Jan 07

In a previous article, “Wal-Mart (WMT) Stuck in a Retail Rut”, we analyzed retail stores for a covered calls stock options strategy since fuel costs were declining and retail shoppers would have more money to spend for Christmas, etc. Every single position selected was profitable and 9 of the10 positions returned the maximum profit for a gigantic average return of +4%. In article, “Retail Investing – Returns Gigantic +4% in Nov.”, we again selected positions for stock options expiration in January of 2007, and every position was fully profitable returning an average of +4%, in only 53 days!

We still consider covered calls for retailers to be an attractive strategy, and we searched for potentially lucrative covered calls stock options positions using PowerOptions’ SmartSearchXL for stock options expiring in March of 2007 and found the following positions.

SmartSearchXL covered call on January 23
JCP 81.97 (-0.24) JCPCQ 07 MAR 85.0 (53) 2.1 2.6 2.6 6.4
SHLD 177.57 (+0.31) KDUCP 07 MAR 180.0 (53) 7.2 4.1 4.2 5.7
TGT 61.43 (-0.07) TGTCZ 07 MAR 62.5 (53) 1.45 2.4 2.4 4.2
WMT 47.81 (-0.15) WMTCW 07 MAR 47.5 (53) 1.55 3.2 2.7 2.7

Competitors include: Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST), Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT), and Kmart Corporation (private).

The JCP, SHLD and TGT positions are out-of-the-money [OTM] with maximum potential returns of +6.4%, +5.7% and +4.2% (53 days), respectively. Additionally, the JCP, SHLD and TGT positions have downside protections of 2.6%, 4.1%, and 2.4%, respectively.

The WMT position is in-the-money [ITM] with a potential return of +2.7% (53 days) and downside protection of 3.2%.

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