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LoJack (LOJN) Releases Report on Motorcycle Theft

The LoJack Corporation (LOJN) recently released its study of the most stolen bikes in the 2006 calendar year. They are, in order of thief’s’ preference:

1. Suzuki
2. Honda
3. Yamaha
4. Kawasaki
5. Harley-Davidson
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This information may be useful as both a trivia question and to develop a hypothetical option trade. This study underscores the importance of motorcycle theft protection for owners of newer motorcycles. According to the study, law enforcement recovered 292 LoJack-equipped stolen motorcycles in 2006 valued at close to $2.8 million and discovered 76 professional theft rings, enabling police to reclaim an additional $2.1 million in other stolen bikes, bike parts, accessories and miscellaneous items. In total, law enforcement recovered more than $4.9 million in stolen assets through tracking LoJack-equipped stolen motorcycles.

The most popular stolen bikes, as many would intuit, were the 2005 and 2006 models. Richard T. Riley, LoJack’s Chairman and CEO said, “Today’s professional thieves view stealing motorcycles as a theft of opportunity and an easy money-making proposition, which is why bike theft is increasing at such an alarming rate. Motorcycles are relatively easy to steal when compared to cars. In many cases, the thief will simply put the bike in the back of a van and drive off with it.

Because of this issue, bike owners need to take as many precautions as possible to protect their motorcycles – from employing simple common sense measures to using proven tracking and recovery systems. We’re pleased that our recovery system helped police discover such a large number of professional theft rings this year and ultimately put behind bars many of the criminals responsible for these crimes.”

The states where motorcycle theft is greatest are Florida, California and Texas.

Riley went on to say, “Newer bikes are top theft targets for a number of reasons. To begin with, they are typically in high demand and parts for new bikes aren’t always readily available. So, thieves have an opportunity to sell the bikes whole or disassemble them for parts, sometimes even selling parts online. In addition, proud owners of new motorcycles tend to ride their bikes a lot initially to show them to friends and relatives, and they often do not take the necessary theft protection measures. Unfortunately, these shiny, new bikes also catch the attention of thieves who can strike while the bike is vulnerable to theft. For all of these reasons, owners of new bikes need to be particularly vigilant about theft.”

Competitors for LOJN include: Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEIX), STRATTEC SECURITY CORPORATION (private), and Winner International LLC (private).

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