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Jim Cramer Enjoys Life Time Fitness (LTM)

Jim Cramer, on the set of his Mad Money television program this week, mentioned Life Time Fitness (LTM) as his “No. 1, best-of-breed, health club pick.” He added he is a “huge fan” of the stock. An article appearing on website stated, “The health fitness business is a big industry that’s getting bigger… And as the weight-loss play is about people trying and failing time and time again to lose weight, it is everlasting.”

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Bullish on the Railroads: Greenbrier (GBX) and American Railcar (ARII)

America’s recent emphasis on ethanol has meant an increase in corn and ethanol production. Like corn, ethanol is generally made in small towns throughout the Midwest. Point-to-point transport of the corn and the transportation of the ethanol to the end user are usually done by train. As ethanol production increases, railroads also must beef up their operations.