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Mexico Covered Calls Investing – ‘Much Grande’ Return of 4.5% for April 2007

In an article, “Cure for Montezuma’s Revenge – Covered Calls”, we delved into investing in covered calls stock options for Mexican companies. The average return for the covered calls selections was 4.5%. Every covered calls position selected for April 2007 for the Mexican companies was fully profitable.

Mexico has some serious issues on the table to resolve. For example, its oil industry is nationalized and the citizens of Mexico pay significantly more for gasoline than the people living in the state of Texas located just north of the Mexican/U.S. border. Jesus Reyes Heroles, the CEO of the Mexico’s state oil company Pemex, recently stated as it currently stands, Pemex will run out of oil in about nine years, unless new investment is poured into finding new oil reserves.

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Using PowerOptions stock options search tools we discovered the following covered calls stock options position for companies located in Mexico.

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HXM 60.31 (-0.77) HXMEL 07 MAY 60.0 (23) 2.15 3.6 3.2 3.2
(For more details click the ticker symbol above)

The two HMX positions for April experienced an average return of 4.7%, but for May stock options expiration, the HXM covered calls position found has a potential return of 3.2% with downside protection of 3.6%.

Competitors for HXM include: Empresas ICA S.A. de C.V (ICA), Consorcio ARA, S.A. de C.V. (private), and Corporación GEO, S.A. de C.V. (private).
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