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Hollywood and Wall Street: Russell Crowe, 3:10 to Yuma, and Optimus Prime

Liongate’s 3:10 to Yuma, starring a gun slinging Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, will open in theaters this Friday to critical acclaim. But, ‘in the world’ where movie stars, the movie’s Oscar chances and money rarely share the same point of view, the politics of releasing and promoting films can get contentious.

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Loose gossip surrounding Yuma’s release suggests Crowe and the movie’s lead financier held separate release parties for the film because they found each other’s perspective so repugnant. Crowe reportedly feels the film should have waited for a spring release when it would have conflicted less with his upcoming Universal movie, American Gangster. The Universal film pairs Crowe with Denzel Washington and is believed to have supporting actor Oscar potential for Crowe. Sources close to Crowe have also indicated he feels the poster for Yuma make him look fat.

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The financier of 3:10 to Yuma, Ryan Cavanaugh, reportedly does not want to wait until the spring to get his money back. Traditionally, movies have done worse when they are released during the back-to-school season. Spokesmen for Lionsgate have countered this argument by pointing out the critical and commercial success of Crash; a Lionsgate film few expected to win best picture.

An IMAX Version of the Transformers:
Another tidbit of current cinema news is the release of a digitally re-mastered version of the Transformers movie in the IMAX format. The movie was the highest grossing film of the year at around $310 million. The movie will hit IMAX theaters on September 21st.

Option Trading and Movies:
It is highly speculative to think the tidbit of news thus presented will positively affect a company’s stock price. However, if an investor were to make the decision to use a covered call investment strategy in the movie production sector, they would need to first research the available trades.

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The trades listed below were found by setting up a generic covered call search screening only for 3% downside protection and options expiring before the end of the year. Also, we specifically asked for covered calls in the Movie Production and Theaters sector. Below are the results.

Covered Call Search – Movie Production
Symbol Stock
IMAX Corp. IMAX 4.77 (+0.21) IMQLA 07 DEC 5.0 (108) $0.60 4.17 12.6 14.4 19.9
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. LGF 9.31 (-0.09) LGFLB 07 DEC 10.0 (108) $0.65 8.66 7 7.5 15.5
Marvel Enterprises Inc. MVL 22.85 (-0.15) MVLLE 07 DEC 25.0 (108) $0.85 22 3.7 3.9 13.6
DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. DWA 32.08 (+0.28) DWALG 07 DEC 35.0 (108) $1.20 30.88 3.7 3.9 13.3
Marvel Enterprises Inc. MVL 22.85 (-0.15) MVLLX 07 DEC 22.5 (108) $1.95 20.9 8.5 7.7 7.7
Cinemark Holdings Inc. CNK 17.56 (-0.35) CNKLW 07 DEC 17.5 (108) $1.10 16.46 6.3 6.3 6.3
DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. DWA 32.08 (+0.28) DWALF 07 DEC 30.0 (108) $3.60 28.48 11.2 5.3 5.3
Marvel Enterprises Inc. MVL 22.85 (-0.15) MVLLD 07 DEC 20.0 (108) $3.70 19.15 16.2 4.4 4.4
(For more details click the ticker symbol above)

All of the trades listed have 108 days until expiration. The trades offer between 4.4 and 19.9% potential profit and 3.7 to 16.2% downside protection.

Competitors for IMAX include: Regal Entertainment Group (RGC), and SimEx-Iwerks Inc. (private).
Competitors for LGF include: IFC Companies (private), and Miramax Film Corp. (private).
Competitors for MVL include: Mattel Inc. (MAT), Walt Disney Co. (DIS), DC Comics Inc. (private), and JAKKS Pacific (JAKK).
Competitors for DWA include: Blue Sky Studios, Inc. (private), Pixar Animation Studios Inc. (private), and Walt Disney Feature Animation (private).
Competitors for CNK include: Carmike Cinemas Inc. (CKEC), Regal Entertainment Group (RGC), and AMC Entertainment Inc. (private).
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