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Crude Nears $100 – Covered Calls on Green Companies and ETFs

As oil approaches $100 a barrel, consumers are beginning to become seriously interested in alternative energy, energy saving technologies and other green (and potentially less expensive) technologies.

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Toyota has sold their one-millionth hybrid and it seems consumers and politicians are extremely interested in exploring alternative energies and energy saving technologies. We have reported in the past on companies who stand to benefit from a emerging interest in nuclear power, but in this blog we will limit the search to ETFs and companies offering energy saving and green technologies.

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Over the past several decades, there hasn’t been an overwhelming investor interest in water, energy and transportation technologies. The money has largely gone towards information technologies, finance and housing. With the recent onslaught of problems in finance and housing (and some analysts are even seeing emerging issues with the bond market), investor’s will be looking for a new home for their money. This is evidenced by the current strength in the precious metals market.

Green energies and the emerging technologies in the sector may be one sector seeing growth in these tumultuous times. Below is a list of optionable clean energy, technology, and transportation stocks. Also, there are several sustainable energy ETFs listed.

Optionable Sustainable Stocks
Altair Nanotech ALTI
American Superconductor AMSC
The Andersons ANDE
Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings AVR
Brookfield Asset Management BAM
Baldor (BEZ) BEZ
Ballard Power Systems BLDP
Badger Meter BMI
Basin Water BWTR
Calgon Carbon Corp CCC
Capstone Turbine Corp. CPST
Canadian Solar CSIQ
China Sunenergy CSUN
DayStar Technologies DSTI
Echelon ELON
Energy Conversion Devices ENER
Evergreen Solar ESLR
Fuel Cell Energy FCEL
First Solar FSLR
Fuel Systems Solutions FSYS
Fuel Tech NV FTEK
Hoku Scientific HOKU
Itron ITRI
LDK Solar Company LDK
Medis Technologies MDTL
MGP Ingredients MGPI
Maxwell Technologies MXWL
Ormat ORA
PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio PBW
Pacific Ethanol PEIX
PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio PHO
Plug Power PLUG
Powershares Wilderhill Progressive Energy PUW
Powershares CleanTech Portfolio PZD
SunPower SPWR
Suntech Power Holdings STP
Trina Solar TSL
US BioEnergy Corp. USBE
Verasun Energy VSE
MEMC Electronic Materials WFR
Aqua America WTR
Zoltek ZOLT
(For more details click the ticker symbol above)

Potential Trades:
This search yielded some interesting trades. In particular, there is a LDK Solar covered call with 15.8% potential profit and an in the money JA Solar (JASO) December covered call trade offering a steamy 13.6% potential profit with over 12% downside protection.

Also, as a way to easily spread risk across the sector, there are ETFs. The list below has a PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio covered call trade offering 5.1% potential profit and 5.1% downside protection.

Covered Call Search on Green Companies and ETFs
Symbol Stock
LDK 39.63 (+1.62) LDKLH 07 DEC 40.0 (45) 5.1 34.53 12.9 14.8 15.8
JASO 60.12 (-0.62) QJPLL 07 DEC 60.0 (45) 7.3 52.82 12.1 13.6 13.6
STP 64.80 (+0.30) STPLM 07 DEC 65.0 (45) 6.4 58.4 9.9 11 11.3
SPWR 145.00 (-4.56) BPNLI 07 DEC 145.0 (45) 14.2 130.8 9.8 10.9 10.9
FTEK 29.87 (+0.09) FQFLF 07 DEC 30.0 (45) 2.45 27.42 8.2 8.9 9.4
LDK 39.63 (+1.62) LDKKH 07 NOV 40.0 (10) 2.7 36.93 6.8 7.3 8.3
ITRI 84.73 (-1.62) IUPLQ 07 DEC 85.0 (45) 5.1 79.63 6 6.4 6.7
JASO 60.12 (-0.62) QJPKL 07 NOV 60.0 (10) 3.5 56.62 5.8 6 6
STP 64.80 (+0.30) STPKM 07 NOV 65.0 (10) 3.1 61.7 4.8 5 5.3
PBW 25.06 (-0.36) PBWLY 07 DEC 25.0 (45) 1.3 23.76 5.2 5.2 5.2
SPWR 145.00 (-4.56) BPNKI 07 NOV 145.0 (10) 6.5 138.5 4.5 4.7 4.7
PZD 33.76 (-0.63) PZDLH 07 DEC 34.0 (45) 1.15 32.61 3.4 3.5 4.3
FTEK 29.87 (+0.09) FQFKF 07 NOV 30.0 (10) 1.05 28.82 3.5 3.6 4.1
PHO 21.11 (-0.71) PHOLU 07 DEC 21.0 (45) 0.8 20.31 3.8 3.4 3.4
(For more details click the ticker symbol above)

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