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Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – Stock Investing Division’s Update

During the fourth quarter, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) had a 9.5% rise in net income due to the foreign exchange rates, fervent consumer-products sales and a year-earlier charge.

The company’s revenue for medical-devices rose 11.3% due mainly in part to currency impacts. However, sales from the Cypher, which is the company’s drug-coated stents has declined. The stents are tiny mesh devices used to prop open heart arteries. Medicine coated stents are used to help tackle re-narrowing. Reports have shown that these devices may carry a higher risk of blood-clotting than those uncoated in medications. These drug coated stents have been declining in sales since 2006, therefore, reducing stock trading and stock investing performance.

Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ) consumer-product division had an increase in sales of 49%. This is due in part to the launch of the teeth-whitening products, Listerine antiseptic mouth rinse, Baby and Kids Care products, skin care line and Splenda sweetener.

Pharmaceuticals rose 7.5% due to sales from Risperdal, which is its antipsychotic medication. In June, this drug will lose its exclusive rights, which will make way for generic versions to be marketed. Procrit, a treatment of anemia had lower sales due to a decline in the market related to labeling changes made during the year. A $441 million write down on Natrecor, a heart drug, reflects future estimates that have been revised for future cash flow because of a recent decline in sales, plus a tax gain of $267 million with international restructuring. Last year’s Pfizer Inc.’s (PFE) consumer-products division included $217 million in charges. Historical stock data shows that when companies lose their exclusivity, commissions will be reduced, therefore not producing high returns on investment.

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The U.S. and International saw changes from 4th Quarter 2006 to 4th Quarter 2007 for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) for its three major divisions of Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices. International sales have shown a greater increase in all divisions than in the U.S. Domestic sales reported an increase of 9.1% to $8.23 billion. International sales rose to 26% to 7.73 billion. Eleven percentage points came from currency fluctuations. An investor’s with a long position in Johnson & Johnson should see their stock market portfolios and trading portfolios reflect these numbers.

Many big pharmaceutical companies are facing a huge crisis due to the fact that more than three dozen of their top selling drugs patent productions will expire, leaving access for companies to create generic, cheaper products. Pharmaceutical companies could lose as much as $67 billion between 2007 and 2012 due to the loss of their patent protection. Taking this news into consideration would be wise and potentially developing new stock market investment strategies and new stock trading strategies would be beneficial for the future.

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Chairman and Chief Executive William C. Weldon said, “Despite challenges in certain markets, our broad base of businesses allowed us to achieve solid results in 2007, building on our foundation of long-term profitable growth,” He also said, “It was a year of significant progress in our pipeline; the successful integration of Pfizer (PFE) Consumer Healthcare; and the creation of new organizational structures focused on future growth.”

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