Stock Option Advisory

New Position Insurance Tool on PowerOptions

Got a stock that is profitable right now and you want to lock-in that profit to guarantee it will stay no matter where the stock goes? You can do exactly that by purchasing a long put option and making your long stock a married put strategy.

We have just added a new tool to the site that will illustrate each married put that might be created from your exact stock position – the tool will show you what puts you might purchase and what profit you can lock in and for how long.

In fact, you might even consider selling some call options to help finance the put purchase, and the tool will show you those details as well – helping you turn a long stock or married put position into a collar play.

Two ways to access the POSITION INSURANCE tool…

1. From the MORE INFO button next to a long stock position in the portfolio.
2. From the MARRIED PUT or EXTENDED COLLARS strategy tabs.

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