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Investing in Green Technology

As energy related companies and governments search for alternative energy and fuel sources, the demand for clean energy, solar power, wind power, and electric/hybrid vehicles will continue to increase.


Clean energy companies returned almost 60 cents on the dollar in 2007, making it a top performer on Wall Street as many countries on the planet placed green on their government agenda. With powerful profit incentives to companies and citizens who power up with solar, wind and geothermal power and electric or hybrid cars, going green could end up earning green in the next several years.Begin your quest for green and check out these clean companies:

* American Super Conductor (AMSC): AMSC supplies electrical conductors used in wind power, sells power electronic products that regulate wind farm voltage, and provides consulting services to the wind industry. Currently, there is a nice covered call investing position available for AMSC potentially returning 4.4% in 29 days, with 9.9% downside protection.

* Zoltec (ZOLT): Zoltec provides materials for windmills, fuel-efficient vehicles, alternative energy development, and oil exploration. For those wanting to invest in green with some safety, a covered call investing position is available for ZOLT potentially returning 6.2% in 29 days with 5.8% downside protection.

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On February 23, 2007, President Bush presented his plan to Congress for developing alternative fuels and reducing gasoline use by 20 percent over the next 10 years. An optimistic Bush said, “We’re going to be driving our cars using all kinds of different fuels other than gasoline, and using batteries that will recharge in vehicles that don’t look like golf carts.” He’s not the only politician encouraging the use of alternative fuels. Both presidential candidates support the use of clean energy vehicles, and with oil at an all time high; consumers are ready for something new (and less expensive).

If alternative vehicles sound like a good alternative for you, take a look at these companies:

* Altair nano-technologies (ALTI): Makers of the most advanced lithium-ion battery in existence, Altair’s customers include Phoenix Motor Cars, the Department of Energy, Western Oil Sands, and University of Nevada Las Vegas Research Foundation.

* UQM Technologies (UQM): UQM has partnered with Altair, bringing together UQM’s electric motor and power generators and Altair’s battery packs to produce the world’s most advanced electric powered vehicle.


Solar converters change sunlight directly into energy, operate silently and unattended, require no storage of hazardous materials, last a long time, and have zero emissions.

If you want solar to heat your portfolio, look at these hot companies:

* LDK Solar (LDK): Committed to producing environmentally friendly communities, LDK manufactures multicrystalline solar wafers, the principal raw material contained in solar cells. LDS currently has a very nice covered call investing position with a 6.8% potential return and downside protection of 6.4% — in just 29 days.

* First Solar (FSLR): First Solar manufactures and designs solar modules that convert sunlight to electricity. First Solar has long term supply contracts with at least a dozen major European companies. First Solar has a covered calls position available returning a whopping potential return of 7.1% with downside protection of 6.6%, again in just 29 days.


With government provided incentives, wind power has experienced amazing growth over the last several years. Led by California, Texas, and Washington, winds are really gusting up in value.

Pump some air and some life into your portfolio by looking at these companies:

* Conergy (CEYHF): With over 20 years experience in the U.S. and operations in more than 23 countries, Conergy is the world’s largest company dedicated solely to renewable energy sources.

* Gamesa (GCTAF): The world’s second largest wind energy operator, Gamesa manufactures, supplies, and installs renewable energy products worldwide.

Remember, in investing, the trend can be your friend, and green technology may be the best friend to help you make some green of your own.

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