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Top Stock Investments of the Decade

Over the last ten years, the following stocks have experienced significant returns; surprisingly, the list only includes one famous name, Apple (AAPL). The other stocks are relatively unknown to the general public:

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Hansen Natural (HANS)
Hansen only sells natural products, sodas, fruit juices and energy drinks. Founded in the 1930’s, the company has enjoyed steady growth and loyal customers for 70 years. The recent surge in sports drinks may explain why Hansen has enjoyed such success recently. Hansen market cap has jumped to 2.3 billion in 2008. Hansen has experienced a significant decline in its stock price over the last year. Investors bullish on Hansen going forward, but would like some downside protection might consider a covered call investing strategy. An August covered call position is available for Hansen with a potential return of 9.4% (33 days). This covered call position also has 16.3% downside protection, so as long as Hansen’s stock price is not less than 16.3% at option expiration in August, the position will be profitable.

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Celgene (CELG)
A multinational biopharmaceutical company, Celgene has a lot of positive expectations for its cancer-fighting drugs, but the competition in biotechnology is fierce. Yet Celgene has shown enormous growth in the last 10 years. Today’s market cap is over 30 billion dollars. An August expiration covered call investing position is available for Celgene with 4.7% potential return (33 days) and 6.3% downside protection.Apple (AAPL)
Everybody knows about the remarkable resurgence of Apple thanks to some remarkable products such as the iPhone. Apple’s market cap is now 153 billion, but will the company be able to continue this performance in the future? With Steve Jobs health a question mark, a cautious investor might consider a covered investing position for Apple with an August expiration covered call with a potential return of 6%.

Comtech Telecommunications (CMTL)
The company recently bought Radyne for about 220 million, creating a business with more than 650 million in sales. It is considered one of the fastest growing telecomm companies thanks to its satellite earth stations, which it makes available to the military and to developing countries. Its market cap is now 1.15 billion! A covered call investing position for Comtech is currently available with a 3.1% potential return in 33 days.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee company based Waterbury, Vermont. In 2007, it was voted the best corporate citizen, ahead of prestigious companies such as Nike, Starbucks and Motorola. It also operates a direct mail and e-commerce business through its site Given the enormous growth of the coffee business (McDonald’s, Starbucks), this company should continue to expand in the near future. They have just purchased (June 2008) a 334,000-square-foot building in the Forks of the River Industrial Park in Knoxville for $10.5 million and will employ around 360 workers. The present market cap is above 900 million. An August expiration covered call investing position is currently available for Green Mountain with a potential return of 4.8% in 33 days.

Daktronics (DAKT)
Daktronics is a company based in Brookings, South Dakota that designs, manufactures, sells, and services video board, scoreboards, digital billboards and related products. It has become one of the world’s largest providers of electronic signs. It now has a market cap of 796 million. Daktronics stock price has experienced a significant amount of volatility over the last few months and a covered call investing position might be considered in order to smooth out some of the volatility. An August covered call investing position for Daktronics is currently available with a potential return of 5.1% in 33 days with 11.2% downside protection.

What all these companies have in common is a phenomenal growth in the last 10 years. Apple is the only giant in the list and yet showed a market cap that jumped 100 times in 10 years. These companies represent a diverse range of industries; health food, communications, electronics and biotechnology are the areas, which are represented.

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